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PENSACOLA, FLORIDA – 12-25-2018 ( — TVCA – Truth Verification & Credibility Assessments LLC – Alan G. Hall – Expert VSA Examiner

TVCA Specializes in Covert & Structured VSA (Voice Stress Analyzer) examinations.  The Founder of TVCA Alan ” AL ” Hall is a SME -Subject Matter Expert in Covert & Structured Computer Voice Stress Analysis Examinations. 

TVCA  conducts a wide range of covert and structured VSA (Voice Stress Analyzer) examinations for Corporate, Government, Criminal, Civil and other specialized matters.  Mr. Hall utilizes the VIPRE VSA (Voice Stress Analyzer) system running the Windows 10 Operating System. The VIPRE VSA is well suited for covert & structured VSA exams as it takes full advantage of the Windows 10 touch screen capabilities and multiple audio recording software for in-depth analysis.  The new VIPRE VSA system is compatible with advanced audio recording software and touch screen based Voice Stress Analyzer technology.

Some typical examples of TVCA  analytical services include conducting truth verification and credibility Assessments on recorded depositions or statements, telephone conversations, Board of Directors Meetings (Public & Private Companies), and other unique applications for Corporations, Legal Firms, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Mr.  Hall spent 10 years as the Technical Support Director at NITV Federal Services LLC until his resignation in JAN 2018 to promote TVCA exclusively.  Many of the covert and structured VSA examination procedures used by law enforcement agencies were enhanced by Al Hall’s technical expertise in VSA technologies.  Current TVCA  expertise and recent innovations goes far beyond those procedures and now include integration of custom software and hardware using the VIPRE VSA as the base platform. 

Prior to his tenure with NITV Federal Services Al Hall retired with over 25 years’ service as a military officer and DIA Senior Intelligence Officer deployed worldwide as a subject matter expert in strategic interrogation, interviewing, analytical and behavior analysis in special operations. Combined, these skill sets provide TVCA   with a solid foundation to detect human deception and verifying the truth

Visit the TVCA  website to learn more about our Covert & Structured VSA ExpertiseTVCA services are Confidential and available on site in our offices in Northwest Florida, as well as worldwide.

TVCA  supports the Mission of the IAVSA (International Association of Voice Stress Analysts).  IAVSA is an independent professional VSA training organization providing VIPRE VSA & CVSA training programs to include on going research on computer voice stress instruments for the benefit of all examiners.

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