Tyme TakeTech to Revolutionize the Restaurant Industry


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 11-16-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — New Restaurant Solution Virtually Eliminates Customer Wait Time for Food Pickup

Tyme Commerce announcesTyme TakeTechfor the restaurant industry, a solution to radically simplify consumers’ food takeout experience. Consumers who use theTymeapp to order takeout and theTyme TakeTechmodular cubbies for pickup will spend significantly less time waiting in line and for their food.

After receiving a food or drink order via theTymeapp, restaurant staff just slide the order into the designated cubby from the kitchen side and close it. Each cubby is insulated to keep cold food cold and warm food warm until customer pickup. At that time, the customer uses the Tyme app to unlock the other side of the cubby.

The kitchen side of the cubby includes a digital display area with the customer’s name and number of times they have ordered. This personalization helps the restaurant staff personally greet the customer or provide other perks as a thank you for their loyalty.

Tyme TakeTechcubbies are modular, enabling restaurants to attach as many as needed to suit the restaurant’s layout and design. Adding more cubbies is a simple matter of attaching them to the existing set – no additional electronic work required.

Tyme TakeTechwill revolutionize the restaurant takeout experience by eliminating the time wasted in placing and waiting for a takeout order,” says Bobby Marhamat, CEO of Tyme Commerce. “Customers who experience how fast and easyTyme TakeTechis will put that restaurant at the top of their list for favorite food pickup places.”

Tyme Commerce plans to release itsTyme TakeTechsolution for food pickup/takeout in early 2019.

About Tyme Commerce

Tyme Commerce is a personalized, omni-channel commerce platform that customizes the world around you to your likes and preferences. With Tyme, consumers use personalized menus to order from their favorite merchants.Merchants are able to customize orders and use the rich analytics data that they receive to connect better with their customers and provide a superior experience.Consumers and merchants alike are demanding new technology that is personalized, intuitive and self-service. It’s Go Tyme!Learn More About Tyme Commerce…

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