Ultrafryer Systems Introduces UltraPro 14, Setting The New Standard In Deep-Frying Technology

The UltraPro 14 offers all the standard features you want to streamline your frying operation.

UltraPro 14 – Setting The New Standard In Deep Frying

“Our fryers are consistently rated best in class throughout the food service industry for our superior oil management, energy efficiency, long service life, and quick recovery times,” Santiago Ramirez, Vice President and General Manager of Ultrafryer Systems.

The innovative UltraPro™ 14 deep-fryer, developed by Ultrafryer Systems, a subsidiary of Standex International, combines the cooking power of their popular large fryers with a more compact footprint ― the best of both worlds. Offering enhanced flexibility, this next-generation frying solution delivers the power of Ultrafryer’s patented phased array heat exchanger paired with a zero-maintenance infrared burner to significantly accelerate oil-temperature recovery for high volume frying. The new dual oil management system takes the guesswork, and wasted money, out of filtering and changing oil by alerting the operator when the oil needs attention. UltraPro 14 customers are already reporting unparalleled cooking efficiencies and performance, even in the hottest, highest-volume environments. Key features include:

  • UltraSense™ oil management
  • Infrared burner paired with a patented phased array heat exchanger
  • Easy touchscreen controls
  • UltraClear filtration
  • Modular configuration options

Serving major retail food brands, such as Popeye’s, Church’s and America’s Favorite Chicken, the UltraPro 14 is already delivering unprecedented value to the quick-serve restaurant industry ― joining a proven line of the most technologically advanced, user-friendly, reliable, and cost-efficient gas and electric deep-frying solutions available on the market.

About Ultrafryer Systems
Ultrafryer has been producing premium-performance gas and electric fryers since 1969. Expertly built deep in the heart of Texas, every single fryer is built by our team of skilled associates using the latest manufacturing technologies. We are committed to partnering with you to create the best tasting food on the planet. When you purchase an Ultrafryer, you are investing in the food service industry’s most powerful, reliable, and cost-effective deep-frying solution. Its user-friendly technology is guaranteed to make your life easier, too. Join us for every delicious bite – and give it a fry!

For additional information, visit our website http://www.ultrafryer.com

About Standex
Standex International Corporation (NYSE:SXI)  is a multi-industry manufacturer in five broad business segments: Food Service Equipment Group, Engineering Technologies Group, Engraving Group, Electronics Products Group, and Hydraulics Products Group with operations in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, India and China. For additional information, visit us at http://www.standex.com

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