Un Nouveau Jour announces the opening of new television studio executive offices in Madrid, Spain under the banner of Marbella Movie Studios.


PARIS, FRANCE – 11-09-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Un Nouveau Jour announces the opening of new television studio executive offices in Madrid, Spain under the banner of Marbella Movie Studios. 

Un Nouveau Jour, the privately held Chinese media investor, announced on Friday that they would be funding a fully operational television studio under the banner of Marbella Movie Studios in Spain.The studio will focus specifically on new television productions for worldwide distribution. The new CEO of Marbella Movie Studios will be Pat Andrew of Manhattan Beach, California. Mr Andrew is a former CEO of Wanda-Halcyon Television, a company acquired by Un Nouveau Jour in 2017. Mr Andrew is also a former executive of Spelling Entertainment and former assistant of Hollywood studio icon, Sydney Korshak.

According to Stefan Gerstmayer, CFO for Un Nouveau Jour, – “ Pat Andrew is a rare combination of top line corporate executive and creative genius- a term we don’t use lightly! His understanding of the television sector and productions is, in our opionion, unsurpassed, ”

This decision reflects a growing trend in television production with recent announcements by Netflix that they too will be creating a production hub in Madrid, Spain on the back of the recent use of Spanish historic locations for blockbuster shows such as Game of Thrones, Operating Naked- A Black Bag Job and Berlin Station.

It was also announced that the Managing Director of the Marbella Movie Studios will be award-winning producer, writer and former BBC executive Sutish Sharma, of New Street Pictures located at Pinewood Studios in England. According to Stefan Gerstmayer- “ Sharma will complement Andrew with his keen eye for potential emerging productions and nascent talent” 

Un Nouveau Jour and Wanda-Halcyon Television are investors in numerous television productions globally focusing on providing venture capital for innovative production companies to film cutting edge drama and unscripted reality television shows for worldwide distribution. 


Actors Antoni Corone & Ciro Dapagio at the Annual Widescreen Festival 2018

The group recently made a splash in the media by announcing their interest in social media television productions and have partnered up with on–line social media hit series “The MobKing”, which recently won Best New Web Series and Best Lead Actor at the Annual Widescreen Festival 2018. “The MobKing” is a dramatic, visceral and moving series based on the world of corruption, murder and organized crime in modern Florida. The show was created by Ciro Dapagio, who stars as the lead protagonist and fan favorite, “Mike White”.

According to Stefan Gerstmayer- “ MobKing” will be the first anchor show for the Marbella Movie Studios in Spain and we are confident that this on-line sensation will be a break-out hit! 

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