Upgrade your Spirituality with “The Light of Being: The Awakening of Spiritual Intelligence.”


US – 12-13-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Spiritual writer Wendell Fraser announced the release of his first book “The Light of Being: The Awakening of Spiritual Intelligence.” The book is available on Amazon in paperback and also in Kindle format.

Wendell Fraser’s new book patiently and gently sets you on the path to spiritual freedom. His carefully crafted work will, with each page, open your heart, fill your mind with light, and lift your soul. It will teach you how to tap into your considerable-but -unrecognized spiritual gifts and resources to solve existential problems and better navigate the physical world. All over the world, millions of people have disconnected from the true essence of their selves. The pressures of modern living have taken its toll on our sense of self and identification with our true nature. Humans have largely lost their knowledge of their interconnectivity with everything else. A problem which can be seen in the rise of depression, anxiety, stress and a host of other mental disorders.  How do we go back to where we came from?
The deliberate development and cultivation of “spiritual Intelligence” as taught in Wendell’s new book could be the answer. “Explore your spiritual intelligence by realizing the interconnectedness of things, by taking a look at the relationships that you have (including the one you have with yourself), having compassion, and learning to grow from setbacks or adversity you face in life,” says Wendell. “This work is to be used as a tool to guide one from wherever they are in terms of consciousness gently back to their essence.”
“The words that resonate with the reader merely unlocks the truth and inner wisdom that is written in your heart already. Find the road back to yourself, your true self, within this book. Let the words be like a map pointing you to your freedom. Question what you read and then put it into practice. If you do, watch what happens. The truth will reveal itself as you live these teachings.” Wendell concludes.

Over the ages, there have been several attempts to propagate this message. Whether in the form of written words or oral narrations, the messages all derive from the same source. The origin of these teachings is beyond time and language. This writing flows from the same place to those sages and spiritual teachers from long ago as well as to the teachers of today. A place of stillness, grace, and peace. A place where we all want to be.
 About the Author
Wendell Fraser is a writer of spiritual books. “The Light of Being: The Awakening of Spiritual Intelligence” is his first published book so far. He spent many years learning philosophy and being exposed to works about human psychology and he’s still fascinated with the subjects.  He describes his writing process as “When I write my passion shines through and the messages that are written flow through me in pieces over time. A book then seems to be created and take form without a particular framework in place before the writing happens. This is the writing process as I’ve come to know it by writing about spirit.”He believes he has “unlearned” so much as he has learned along his life journey. He unlearned the dysfunctional by examining the reality of the moment and practicing total acceptance.

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