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– 03-19-2020 ( — An auto protection plan is a services and maintenance contract that helps the vehicle-owner to settle the mechanical breakdown repair expense by claiming the cost to their auto protection company. Any vehicle, old or new, will have unexpected repairs, and by holding a vehicle protection plan, the car owner will not have to pocket for future unforeseen maintenance. Even people who have a new vehicle that is under warranty choose to add the auto protection plan as many different types of repair are not part of the standard warranty. However, to ensure people get the best auto protection with quick customer services and settlement of the claim, a person should align themselves with rated A, auto protection firms. 

Some of the big names in auto protection services include Endurance Warranty, Palmer Administration Services, and Veritas Global Protection of Florida. These firms offer varying auto assurance plans catering to the budget and needs of people. One of the main motto’s of such services is to educate people on the need for holding auto protection plans. Unexpected repair costs of a new or used vehicle can range anywhere between $500 to $5000 annually. A standard vehicle plan will cost you around $750 to $1000 and gives you the financial freedom to go for your unexpected wheels restoration. Veritas Global Protection Plans – Delivering Peace of Mind, WorldwideVeritas is an “A” rated auto protection firm that holds high merits and accolades locally and globally. As an international company, Veritas focuses on providing vehicle services contracts, varying types of extensive guarantees, and a range of F&I products to dealers all over the world and in the United States. The company has auto protection plans for meeting the different requirements of vehicle owners. The auto protection plans cover repair costs for engine malfunctions and all types of engine maintenance. The company has a cover for all kinds of vehicles such as electric cars, luxury vehicles and RVs, and other types of power sport vehicles. The company has been carrying a consecutive “A” rating on its excellent customer services to the insurance carriers, fast processing of claims, and the different plans it has to offer for vehicle protection. The range of plans offered in auto protection covers includes Veritas Guard Plans, Veritas Simplicity Plans, Veritas Select Plans, Veritas Essentials Plans, Veritas Electric Plans, and Veritas Exotic Plans. Each of these plans varies in terms of one to ten years and is available for franchises and independent dealers selling new and used vehicles in Canada, Mexico and U.S. in North America; Brazil, Chile, and Argentina in South America, Russia in Asia; and many countries in the European region. Each of the programs covers a standard liability for repair or actual cash value.  Apart from the cover, the auto protection plan provides other assistance, including roadside assistance, towing options, reimbursing, and travel expenses, and includes car rental options while the vehicle under protection is in repair.Veritas is delivering high-grade unmatched auto protection services for years, establishing its name in the local and international markets. The company provides comprehensive auto protection deals based on three value-driven strategies i.e., Transparency, Responsive, and Innovative.  They keep all plans transparent and clear, make sure that they side with dealers and franchises that carry the same values and respond to their clients, and work to bring new, better, and innovative car-protection solutions for their clients.

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