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Verity International and Chinese Partner EPEM are now using the combined VerityOne and EPEM platform, to ensure baby formula imported into China is truly baby formula and is NOT FAKE and is from a reliable source with transparency embedded into the tracking protocol using Blockchain,IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Mislabeled and adulterated baby formulas put children’s lives and developmental health at risk. With an underdeveloped immune system, infants are far more sensitive to contaminated foods than adults. Marketing claims and quality assurance must be authenticated by an independent third party to ensure that children are being fed proper ingredients and parents are making informed purchasing decisions on infant formulas.?Baby formula requires the utmost attention and inspection from regulators, yet recalls happen frequently. Lactalis, the world’s second-largest dairy producer, recalled nearly 7,000 tons of baby formula over salmonella concerns in 2017. The recall included some of the world’s most prominent formula brands like Celia, Picot, and Milumel. ?The Lactalis incident was pale in comparison to China’s mass contamination of baby formula in 2008. 54,000 children were hospitalized and 6 died as a result of an illegal ingredient, called Melamine, being added to milk in order to give the false appearance of higher protein levels, something that could have easily been prevented through independent product analysis and certification. Verity International Ltd., the industry leader in Country of Origin labeling and certification for a decade, is the only supply chain and country of origin verification company that has been successfully vetted by a US Agency during the FTC Country of Origin Labeling Investigation of 2014. Verity’s proprietary supply chain verification process was found to have met and exceeded the standards of country of origin labeling set by the FTC.Verity ensures regulatory compliance and quality assurance by independently and objectively validating marketing claims through an extensive combination of supply chain documentation and product validation, and stores all of the validated information on a secure, immutable blockchain ledger. Their “Verity Assurance” seal for baby formula provides consumers with guaranteed quality assurance, instant recall notification, and full transparency from the manufacturerBlockchain technology has already been actively deployed in agriculture and food supply chains by industry giants like Walmart and IBM, but the Baby Formula industry has remained untouched. For instance, IBM launched its blockchain-based food tracking network “Food Trust” to connect independent parties within the food industry IBM partnered with companies of various sizes like Nestle, Dole Food Co., Driscoll’s Inc., Golden State Foods, Kroger, McCormick, Tyson Foods, and Walmart.

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