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SAN FRANCISO, CA – 01-17-2019 ( — The team at GoDonut are pleased to announce their Kickstarter Campaign to launch their signature product the GoDonut. The GoDonut allows you to comfortably view your phone or tablet in various positions and angles. It also provides the user with the stability needed to type on the phone/tablet, making the Donut convenient and truly hands-free. Its unique 360-degree turn radius makes it possible to view your phone in the right position.

Your favorite T.V.Stars took photos with the GoDonut at the Golden Globes this year.  Including Anthony Anderson, Juliet Morris, Danielle MacDonald, Teala Dunn, Viola Davis, and many more of your favorite actors and actresses. 

The GoDonut was also at this year’s CES Expo in Vegas. Come and join the excitement by supporting the Kickstarter campaign for GoDonut at

About GoDonut: 

The GoDonut is not only functional but the design team led by Nina and Raymond have created an array of colors and finishes including clear, metallics and glow-in-the-dark. The Donut is also stackable. The Donut is the perfect accessory to take with you, wherever you may go. The GoDonut is also made with minimal recyclable packaging and earth-friendly materials. You can learn more at

About Nina and Raymond: 

The story of Raymond & Nina’s excitement for clever products is contagious! In high school, they were the kids that thought outside the box…doodled through classes and curiosity always seemed to get the better of them! From childhood, they were hooked on the idea of creating consumer products…but not just for conversation, but because they love to build deceptively simple, yet innovative products. They have patent products that provide solutions. 

If you get them to start talking about new products, you will never get out of the room. You will be equally excited about their product as they are! Their humility and passion translate into the soul of the products they create. Keep checking in for more donut products. Stop by for fresh, HOT donuts!!!

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Godonut
Full Name: Nina Seyedabadi
Phone: 559-248-6300
Email Address: Send Email

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