Want a bigger, better life? You need Mark Rothman’s “STOP PLAYING small”, now!


United States – 09-12-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The through-line in Mark Rothman’s career has been his commitment to helping people live better, more meaningful lives, one life at a time. Now, he has written a “guidebook” to reach millions, founded on his years of leadership coaching. STOP PLAYING small: An A to Z Guide to Living Your Bigger, Better Lifeis a book for anyone wanting to create a more successful and profound life – from work and relationships to health and spirituality.

STOP PLAYING small can be approached as a personal mentorship program in a book. Pick a chapter that addresses a current and immediate need — read one of the dozens of short chapters each day, or read it cover to cover to gain daily insights and inspiration. It contains an abundance of concepts to use as tools to navigate life’s opportunities and challenges to make the most out of them both. Mark explains, “We all have a bold, audacious shape to fill in the Universe. But our internal tapes and stories, our self-criticism, self-judgment, and defeatist messages keep us small. STOP PLAYING small puts some of my most powerful coaching concepts in the hands of anyone who wants to start playing big.” Earning an MFA from the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television, Mark soon formed Ness Productions to write and direct documentaries, corporate productions, and educational films. He specialized in producing videos advancing the missions of multiple nonprofit organizations. His works include the documentary Children of the Dream, about Ethiopian-Israelis visiting Los Angeles in the aftermath of the Rodney King riots, and the fiction short Magic Glasses, about children with special needs, which became part of an installation at the Discovery Place Museum in Los Angeles.He also conducted dozens of interviews with Holocaust survivors for the Steven Spielberg-founded USC Shoah Foundation. This work, combined with his experiences with nonprofit organizations and with fundraising for documentaries, led him to leave a powerfully impactful television and film production career for a position helping survivors apply for reparations from Germany and other nations. He was then selected to lead the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust through a $20M capital campaign and its evolution into its permanent home for the Museum. During other positions in nonprofit leadership Mark also began working with his mentor-coach to learn to become a Leadership Coach. Bruce Eisen, President of the highly successful BelAir Capital Advisors had this to say about STOP PLAYING small, “I always thought you were a smart guy. Now I know better. You are brilliant, thoughtful, an outstanding writer and possess an infinite amount of wisdom. Who has these insights, who can connect their thoughts, experiences and spirituality in ways for others to see? It takes someone who is self-realized, who lives in the existential now and whose wisdom is authentic. I appreciate your writing the book. I appreciate you imparting to me your wisdom so I can Stop Playing small.”Published in August 2019, STOP PLAYING small: An A to Z Guide to Living Your Bigger, Better Life is available through Amazon and at select brick and mortar bookstores. Mark can also be reached through his website markcoach.net and his Instagram is @markperformancecoach. He can also be reached through www.linkedin.com/in/markrothmancoach.
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