Why a Female Focused Brand Isn’t The “Magic Pot of Gold” Everyone Thinks It Is


BOSTON, MA – 01-15-2018 (Press Release Jet) — We know that the female market has huge buying power. Women make more than 50% of the financial decisions for their households and businesses. Many brands have turned to focus solely on the female market, yet this isn’t always the smartest decision.

Fix My Brand With Ali Craig™ ( http://fixmybrandwithalicraig.com) Season 1 contestant, Emerald Greenforest switched gears from a female-focused business to a male-focused one and is reaping the financial rewards. (Watch her brand transformation here https://fixmybrand.live/greenforest )

Greenforest’s new brand “Men On Purpose” is helping the financially successful male find success in life and in business. From executive level coaching to her Men On Purpose Podcast (https://www.emeraldgreenforest.com/podcast-episodes ) Greenforest says, “Men are awaking to the fact that money can only get you so far. No longer satisfied with just a large bank account, the modern man wants to  grow his impact,  network, profitability, and self.”

In light of the #metoo movements- a cultural shift isn’t just happening for women in the workforce. Greenforest says, “The men of corporate are looking to stop wasting their time and talents. They are ready to be fully alive. These men are looking for a space to be expanded & evolve in collaboration with like-minded, equally yoked Men On Purpose who are truly Creative Age Leaders™.And that is what my work brings.”

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