Why A Great Brand Alone Won’t Get Your Business Noticed In 2018


NEW YORK, NY – 01-16-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Brands are all the buzz. You just need a great brand. Have a great brand that will make your business successful. And that use to be the case. But not anymore.

A great brand is a necessity in 2018, but it won’t get you noticed. A beautiful brand just gets you in the room.

Twenty year branding vet  (http://entreventure.co) and host of Success Network’s hit reality TV show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig™ (http://fixmybrandwithalicraig.com) says, “A beautiful brand that speaks you your audience’s core needs  on a psychological and biological level is a must, but businesses need more than just a great brand to stand out.”

With all of the digital marketing opportunities, experts and newbies stand on equal ground when it comes to converting a potential client into a paying client. Craig says that, “ A great brand is essential, but having access to a marketing platform that gets your business noticed above all the noise of the online marketing is essential too.”

Many times people confuse branding and marketing. Craig puts it this way, “Your brand is the dress you wear to prom. It needs to be visually beautiful, reflect who you are, and fit what you are about perfectly. But no one sees your dress if it sits in the closet. You must go to prom- aka market your brand. And as we all know once we get to prom it is hard for others to truly experience your dress in that crowded gym. Just like it is difficult for your audience to experience your brand on the various crowded social platforms. You have to be above all the rest, on stage, for the audience to truly notice your dress as well as your brand.”

“That is one reason why I love Fix My Brand With Ali Craig™. The TV show format allows us to transform these amazing brands into the visual beauties they were always meant to be while creating a platform to springboard them into industry-wide success and acclaim,” states Craig.

If you find your brand struggling, it may not be your brand that is the problem at all. It may be that your audience needs to see you stand out from the rest of your marketplace competitors.

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