Why Building A Successful Brand Is Like Raising Kids


NEW YORK, NY – 11-08-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — As entrepreneurs, our brands are our babies and just like with our kiddos it is difficult to just let them be. We just want to clean their faces, tie their shoes, and triple check to make sure that they have everything they may need. 

This parental instinct also extends to our brands. And just like with the kids, sometimes our tweaking is good and sometimes it cripples the brand in the end. From the terrible 2’s with your brand to understanding who your brand’s friends are, Master Luxury and Neuro Human Brander, Ali Craig shares the top 5 ways brands need to be nurtured for proper growth – just like those kiddos in this month’s issue of EmpiHER®.Craig says, “ For entrepreneurs your brand is a growing, evolving, and in turn ever-changing entity. The way you speak about, interact, and grow your brand in the start-up phase is completely different than when you are 2, 4, and beyond years in. Yet, most entrepreneurs  keep doing, saying, and acting the way they always have with their businesses.”
Catch the complete article in this month’s issue of EmpiHER®, hits the digital and real-world newsstands on Friday, November 9th at 10 am est. (https://www.empiher.media/ )

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