WHY- Families and Police across America are at Risk


PORTLAND OR – 10-31-2018 — The National Neighborhood Watch is working to help both situations. Families need to be informed why they’re at risk and know what they can do about it. While thousands of Police Officers are now working without the Bulletproof Vest due to lack of funding. Everyone should know the problem and there is a simple solution.

Bump keys, lock picks and pick guns sold online open deadbolts and passage locks nearly as fast as a working key. If you rent or stay in a motel strangers have your key.

To help protect the public the most trusted crime fighting organization in America partnered with Super Grip Lock because it works instantly on most deadbolts and stops intruders who have the key or can open locked doors and walk in using an unlocking device sold online as shown on NNW Website at: http://nnw.org/supergriplock. 

The Partnership happened after former Police Chief and Director John Thompson contacted SGL about our product and we learned; thousands of Officers are in need of Bulletproof Vests due to lack of private or government funding.

Therefore National Sheriffs Association has established a Bulletproof Vest Program so anyone can donate to help buy Bulletproof Vests for the Officers who need them at https://www.sheriffs.org/content/protect-protector. And why 25% of SGL product sold on the NNW Website is going to buy Bulletproof Vests for Officers who need them.

Police Lt. Bryon was so impressed with SGL he volunteered his home to show the public how it works to encourage families to protect themselves against intruders that open locked doors and walk in: Click on the Policeman to hear his spontaneous thoughts regarding Super Grip Lock at www.supergriplock.com.

Super Grip Lock

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