Why Poser Experts are Killing Great Brands and Why Having A Great Brand Alone Won’t Grow Your Business in 2018


NEW YORK, NY – 01-16-2018 (Press Release Jet) — It use to be by simply having a great visual and verbal brand presence, aka a killer brand, would get you noticed by your audience, other influencers, and the media at large. Well not anymore.

Twenty-year branding vet, Ali Craig with Entreventure.co (http://entreventure.co ) says “ A pretty brand use to be all that a business would need to stand out from the noise. Today your brand and your marketing approach must all be a cut or two above your industry competition to be noticed.”

With more and more entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, the online noise of who truly is an expert and who is a “poser” is harder for the consumer to discern.  In turn, this is creating an environment of turbulence and backlash through service and product-based industries.  True industry experts no longer just have to sell their services, they have to overcome the consumers’ skepticism and angst due to a negative experience from another provider.

To combat this, Ali Craig, launched Entreventure.co in September 2017. This media and marketing house has a twofold approach.

(1)    Create amazing educational and entertaining resources that work for entrepreneurs in all stages of business to create aesthetically appealing and financially sound brands poised for success

(2)    Be a springboard for industry experts to stand out above the online noise while standing apart from all the “poser” experts currently mudding up the online space

Ali Craig says, “ Through our branding services, online television series, monthly print publications, and events- Entreventure™ is committed to providing great real-world resources so that any brand has the opportunity to be seen.

Yet as we all well know from high school prom, a “pretty” dress or brand, in this case, doesn’t get you truly noticed when you get into the room. You have to be on stage, as Prom King or Queen, to be truly seen. And this is what I am most excited about concerning what Entreventure™ does. We have the resources to get your brand to “prom” but then we have the platforms to literally have your brand be seen above all the rest.

I am so excited to help amazing, worthy, and transformational brands have a greater reach due to our various media outlets.”

Entreventure ™, like Craig, is dedicated to helping the “little guy” succeed and be seen. If you are truly an expert in your field, Entreventure™ is your new home.

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Website: http://entreventure.co

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