Why Videos Are The Missing Piece To Most Small Businesses Marketing Puzzle


PORTLAND, OR – 01-16-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Though we know video is king far too many brands have not fully committed to this medium. Fear of the camera, embarrassment, or not just sure what to say- many excuses float around a business about why they aren’t playing all in.

 Emmy Wu, owner of Emmy Wu Media (http://emmywumedia.com) and expert video strategist for Success Network’s hit reality TV show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig™ (http://fixmybrandwithalicraig.com) says, “It often our own lack of belief about what we can create in this world that leads you in circles, or causes you to throw in the towel early” Videos help engage the senses while creating stronger memories within the mind of the viewer. And because they are so sensory stimulating we tend to engage longer with the piece than we would with just flat copy. Wu says,” Video is the full package on how to engage with our audience. And anyone can do it. You no longer need fancy equipment to make a compelling video as long as you know the story you want to be told.” Wu always advises her small business clients to think of the story first before they ever start thinking about the logistics of the video. “Humans are hardwired for stories,” says Wu. Wu goes on to say “If you have a compelling story- your video will convert.” Get the story. Make the video. Reap the marketplace rewards.

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