Wider Planet releases a cryptocurrency audience package targeting the Japanese and Korean market


TOKYO, JAPAN – 09-04-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Advertising campaigns specifically targeting Japan and Korea’s cryptocurrency market are now possible.


(August 30, 2018 – Tokyo, Japan) – Wider Planet, one of the largest advertising platforms in Korea, has released “TG Crypto for Japan and Korea”, Japanese and Korean audience package for the cryptocurrency industry. TG Crypto for Japan and Korea provides a one-stop solution for marketers aiming the Japanese and Korean market by specifically targeting Japanese and Korean audience interested in cryptocurrencies.

“TG Crypto for Japan and Korea” is a comprehensive advertising campaign package which covers Japan and Korea’s cryptocurrency market in one place, such as display ads which targets cryptocurrency audiences through “TargetingGates”, Wider Planet’s proprietary online advertisement platform, search ads, cryptocurrency influencers and social media marketing. As well as reaching out to the existing cryptocurrency audience, “WP Crypto for Japan and Korea” help find new audience for cryptocurrency businesses and new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) by delivering ads to new potential investors.

“TargetingGates”, the main advertising platform in the audience package, covers 99% of the internet users in Korea. “WP Crypto for Japan and Korea” uses the attribute data (non-personal information) of Korean users to target the cryptocurrency audience precisely based on their interests and online/offline behavioral data. This helps optimize advertising campaigns related to cryptocurrencies. TargetingGates gathers and analyses users’ data from many different angles, such as the users’ salary, profession, online and offline credit card use, mobile phone app use, search history, online behavior, advertisement responsiveness, etc., in order to accurately target the audience most interested in cryptocurrencies.

As to the release of TG Crypto for Japan and Korea, Takeshi Torii, the president of Wider Planet Japan, commented “In the major shift to the electronic payment systems, the era when cryptocurrency is playing an important role as a very convenient payment system beyond many boundaries is just around the corner. I am delighted to be able to deliver the correct information of cryptocurrencies to the right people through our platform, in order to provide more information about excellent cryptocurrencies throughout the world.”

The market size of cryptocurrency trading in Japan and Korea is said to be one of the largest in the world, and is expected to grow even further in the future. Furthermore, the Korean audience is known for being very active on investing in new cryptocurrencies. This audience package, offered by Wider Planet, helps cryptocurrency business and companies from all over the world which aim to reach the Japanese and Korean audience promptly.

Wider Planet continues to support expansion of global companies into Japan and Korea through the effective use of digital marketing.

About “TargetingGates”

“TargetingGates”, Wider Planet’s proprietary advertising platform, analyzes its big data database in order to provide the most relevant ads for each user based on their behaviors and interests. It can provide solutions for any type of campaign, whether its objective is user targeting, retargeting, contextualizing, discovering potential users, obtaining new users, retaining old ones, and more. Furthermore, thanks to our proprietary algorithms, it automatically optimizes the campaigns to maximize the advertiser’s ROI (Return On Investment).

About Wider Planet

Wider Planet Inc. is a leading company in programmatic advertisement, providing DMP based DSP service with the advanced audience targeting technology based on its own unique data analysis capability and algorithm to estimate user behavior on both PC and mobile. We analyze online user ‘s preferences and interests with big data to target right audience and deliver the most suitable personalized advertisement for highly improved marketing ROI.

Founded in 2010, Wider Planet is based in Seoul, Korea and launched Tokyo office in March, 2017.

For details, please visit http://www.widerplanet.com

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Wider Planet Inc. Japan
Full Name: Tetsuo Kaji
Phone: +81 3 6386 0432
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.widerplanet.com

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