Xunlei – a Chinese Cloud Computing Enterprise with Blockchain Innovation


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 15, 2018 — During CES2018, Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei and Onething Technologies, was invited to attend the “Geek Night”, held by GeekPark, to discuss the trends of technology and to share the new possibilities of crowd sourced computing based on blockchain technology.

To Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei, the most impressive part of this year's CES is integration. The trend of digital economy integrating with the real economy was clear to see. Onething Cloud, presented by Onething at CES, is an intelligent hardware that combines crowd sourced computing and blockchain technology. It is an exploration into the future of cloud computing.

OneThing Cloud is a private cloud, providing people with quick storage retrievable at any time, file management, remote control, multimedia entertainment and other functions. With “Onething's Reward Program”, it is also a crowd sourced computing node.

The core of the program is to reuse idle computing resources with crowd sourced computing and blockchain technology, thus improving social computing ability and reducing its cost. Xunlei introduced “LinkToken”, a virtual digital asset that users can obtain as a free gift by sharing their idle bandwidth, storage, computing and other resources. The application of blockchain technology ensures fairness, transparency and traceability of the sharing and use of resources.

Since 2014, Xunlei has made a key first step towards global blockchain innovation and has now become a representative of innovation in China's blockchain and cloud computing industries. Lei Chen, once said in an interview with CCTV that the technological innovations of China's blockchain, cloud computing and sharing economy, after exported to neighboring countries, would help establish an increasingly close and improved social and economic community network.

The innovation of Onething Cloud has been widely recognized by the market. It once “crashed” Taobao's crowd-funding servers, and received more than 20 million pre-orders on JD.com with a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Xunlei's share prices surged, and Onething Cloud's sales continued to rise in 2017. With the presentation of Onething Cloud at CES2018, the launch of its overseas expansion plan may give Xunlei more space for imagination in 2018. Onething Cloud is projected to enter the Hong Kong market soon, and then possibly Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Some analysts predict that Xunlei's overseas business may become much larger than its domestic business in the future.

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