Zeolite Helps Relieve Unpleasant Symptoms


United States, New Jersey, Cedar Grove – 04-04-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ removes toxic heavy metals such as: lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and other toxins from the human body without affecting vital levels of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, or zinc. It also helps support and modulate your immune system.

·         Heavy Metals Detox (Safely Removes Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, and more …)

·         Detoxes Environmental Toxins

·         Helps Relieve Unpleasant Symptoms 

·         Natural Immune System Modulator

Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ has a unique crystalline lattice structure that literally wraps around toxic molecules with irreversible bonds, preventing additional reactions with tissues or organs as it is eliminated from the body. Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ ™ incorporate clathration to effectively, naturally, and gently remove all contaminants – all of which collect in the cells of the body, brain/cerebral, blood, spinal fluid and lymphatic fluid: heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, and aluminum), toxic chemicals, toxins, vaccine residues, pesticides, and many others. .


What is Zeolite?
Zeolites are a group of micro-porous, crystalline minerals with well-defined structures of the alkaline or alkaline-earth metals. There are approximately 40 natural volcanic zeolite minerals and over 150 synthetically produced zeolites. The zeolites are unique minerals with a four-sided honeycomb structure and, rare among minerals, a negative magnetic charge. The effect of the structure and the magnetic charge is that zeolite draws heavy metals (including mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, tin, excess iron, and even radioactive metals like cesium and strontium-90) and toxins to it and simply engulfs them. The toxins “check in” and they can’t “check out.” 


Due to the unique structure of the zeolite molecule and the fact that it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, it acts like a magnet drawing positively charged toxins to it and trapping these toxins within its microporous structure. Zeolites unique structure contains cages or channels which are the right size to allow small molecules (roughly between 3 and 10 angstroms) to enter. Once the toxin is pulled into the cage like structure of the zeolite, it is carried out of the cell and eliminated by the body.


Far Better than JUST Detoxifying…

  • Helps improve the general state of health
  • Detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals and toxins
  • Acts as a free-radical reducer
  • Prevents pre-mature aging
  • Supports immune system function
  • Reduce cancer risk by removing heavy metals & toxins
  • Reduces symptoms of allergies
  • May improve mood
  • Helps balance pH
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Increases vitamin and mineral absorption
  • Lower the risk of acid reflux?


There are 15 key reasons why Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is the most unique and extraordinary food supplement on the market today!

1.Extremely safe and non-toxic: Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite is completely non-toxic and is safely and completely eliminated after 5 to 7 hours. Toxins that it captures in its cage are effectively deactivated so that there are no side-effects from those toxins as they are eliminated from the body — it is important to drink plenty of water. And because most pharmaceuticals drugs are negatively charged chemicals, Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite tends to leave these alone.


2.Removes toxic heavy metals: Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite has the perfect molecular structure for latching on to and then removing heavy metals (including radioactive ones) from the body, including mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, strontium and excess iron. 


3.Helps remove pesticides, herbicides & dioxins: These chemicals are prime candidates for triggering cancer and disrupting hormone balances, it is very important that they are removed from the body as quickly as possible. 


4.Reduces viral load: Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite latches on to viral components. 


5.Reduces absorption of nitrosamines: These substances can be found in processed meats, bacon, hot dogs, deli meats, etc. and are linked with pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer, as well as Type II diabetes. Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite helps to neutralizes these toxins in the digestive tract by capturing them in its molecular cages before they can be absorbed into the body. Then they are safely eliminated from the body. 


6.Helps buffer body pH to a healthy alkalinity: Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite acts like a pH buffer, helping to prevent the acidic conditions in our blood and cellular fluids that encourage low immunity and diseases. 


7.Helps to buffer blood sugar: it can also buffer excess glucose by its negative charge and therefore helps reduce blood sugar spikes


8.Helps reduce cancer risk: Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite removes toxins that can cause cancer (75% or more of cancers may be toxin related).


9.Improves nutrient absorption


10.Acts as a powerful antioxidant: The cage-like structure of Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite can also trap free radical molecules, making it an effective antioxidant. 


11.Reduces symptoms of allergies: Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite can capture some of the the antigens that cause allergies, migraines, and asthma, and in so doing it helps to reduce the symptoms. 


12.Immune modulator: may act as an effective “natural” immune modulator. It could effectively regulate an underactive or overactive immune system back to normal. Most diseases and illness occur when the immune system is unbalanced! 


13.Helps prevent premature aging: By removing the toxic load with Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite, our body’s normal repair and regeneration mechanisms are freed up to work efficiently. 


14.Extremely easy and pleasant to take: NO MESSY POWDERS to deal with! Most serious detox solutions are difficult to take, taste unpleasant, and can leave a person feeling drained because they indiscriminately remove healthy minerals as well. Purified Activated Liquid Zeolite is a small bottle of tasteless liquid that can be taken with or without food and that removes only unhealthy ions. 


15.Contains Dihydroquercetin (DHQ), also known as taxifolin, which is a bioflavonoid similar in structure to that of quercetin. Almost 600 studies conducted over the last 50 years have investigated its effectiveness and safety. Flavonoids perform two important functions… they strengthen your body’s immune response and they act as powerful super-antioxidants. Flavonoids have been reported to have antiviral, anti-allergic, antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant activities.


Additional Beneficial Ingredients: 

Oxygen: disease killing oxygen and energy enhancer, feel more alert & energetic without drinking caffeine!

M-Water: which helps to super-hydrate your cells and enhances the permeation of zeolite into your cells and toxins out of your cells! 

Minerals: 72 natural ionic angstrom-sized trace-minerals for cellular repair & cellular regeneration, may help slow, reduce or reverse aging. Revitalize your body with minerals usually lacking from your diet. Experts estimate that 90 percent of Americans suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiency. 

  • No side-effects
  • Boost energy levels
  • Reduction in fatigue
  • Increases assimilation
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Maintain proper pH levels
  • 100% Safe for long-term use
  • Acts as a free-radical reducer
  • ==============================


100% Natural Ingredients:

LIQUID ZEOLITE contains natural purified clinoptilolite zeolite which has been ultra-micronized and ultra-cleansed, humic acid, fulvic acid, DHQ (dihydroquercetin), M-Water “structured water”, 72 naturally occurring trace minerals, 12 naturally-occurring amino acids, phyto-nutrients, macro-nutrients, and micro-nutrients. Potassium sorbate and citric acid added as natural preservatives.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

***Disclaimer***  The FDA says ONLY a drug can treat, prevent or cure a disease, Liquid Zeolite is NOT a drug. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS or CURE CLAIMS for the product.

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