Zynego Announces the Launch of New, Highly Efficient Multi-functional iPhone Accessory – Pebble


SINGAPORE – 11-17-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Singapore – 20th November 2018 – Zynego, one of the leading iPhone accessories in Shenzhen, announced its plans to launch an innovative multi-functional iPhone accessory-Pebble on 20th November 2018, at Indiegogo. 

Main features of Zynego Pebble?

-Built-in Active Noise Cancelling(ANC) module?turn your original iPhone earphone to professional ANC earphone

-AI-class chipset?Stable to transmit Hi-Fi audio

-1500mAh Power bank to quick charge your iPhone 

-Pebble shape?Elegant waterproof design & 5 colors to choose

-Compatible with ALL iOS versions?even pre iOS12.

-Compatible Phone 6 / 6 plus / 6S / 6S plus / 7 / 7 plus / 8 / X /XS/XR/XS MAX Pad mini 4, Pad, Pad Pro

-High quality 100% copper wire core?supports fast charging

-Supports music control and calling function 

-2 models to choose?lightening + 3.5mm head jack/duo lightenings?



While offering more information about the anticipated product launch, one of the managing directors at Zynego said, “We intend to launch Pebble, a product package containing ANC headphone module, multi-port hub, and a mini power bank. Simply put, our newest product design is awesome. Pebble combines two of the most sought after elements of great smartphone accessories – efficiency and affordability. The product is very small, just like a pebble stone. At Zynego, we understand more about quality than any other smartphone accessories dealer, and every aspect of the product you order will be checked before delivery. We also present our customers with a broad range of products, and you can choose what suits you best based on your preferred brand, model, and price range.”

Established several years ago, Zynego is a highly experienced dealer and reputable supplier in smartphone accessories in China and other regions all over the world. The company takes pride in its ability to provide accessories that improve the mode and functionality of different smartphones including iPhones. Any smartphone user can shop for an extensive, cool, and attractive smartphone accessory at Zynego. Pebble, a comprehensive smartphone solution containing a power bank, top grade ANC headphone module, and a multi-port hub present the user with an outstanding solution to their mobile communication needs.

The managing director added, “You can expect new functionalities and benefits from our new line of iPhone accessories – Pebble. Pebble could solve the problem that most iPhone users have met. For instance, our 2 in 1 dual adapter supports simultaneous audio output and device charging. Also, Pebble has an in-built active noise minimization feature that automatically updates your headphone to a noise-canceling headphone. It could turn any earphone, even original iPhone earphone, to a professional ANC earphone. It has a Hi-Fi decode chip that can support a maximum of 24bit 48kHz lossless audio signal output with its outstanding fast and safe charging capabilities, Pebble is likely to be most compact, efficient, and reliable power bank that you can carry everywhere you go. Further, the products are available at pocket-friendly prices and are delivered in time.” 

In respect to the endless quest for product quality, Zynego has established a policy geared towards eliminating the possibility of supplying a defective or inefficient product. The company management strongly believes that prompt product delivery, quality, and competitive pricing are Zynego’s strength in gaining an outstanding market share. All smartphone accessories offered by Zynego presents the users with an opportunity to get the most of their devices. 

About ZyneGo

We are a young team of creative engineers and designers obsessed with making high-quality smartphone accessories with outstanding designs and excellent performance. We’re all frequent business travelers who spend 100s of days on trips each year, so we deeply understand the troubles of packaging a lot of stuff. We would like to offer a smarter and more convenient solution to other business travelers like us. We believe that hassle-free, effective smartphone accessories shouldn’t be a luxury and, more importantly, should be a faithful and durable companion in your daily life. What we want to create are truly indispensable device for all iPhone users. With the help of ZyneGo Ltd., the innovative smartphone accessories dealer based in Singapore, we’ve lined up the best suppliers and manufactures we could find and are ready to introduce the Pebble!


Contact Details

Website: https://zynego.com

Contact Person: Alisha 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +86 18566279172

Media Contacts:

Company Name: ZyneGo
Full Name: Iris Xiong
Email Address: Send Email
Website: pebble.zynego.com

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