Neuroscientists Use Low Current Electrical Pulses To Stimulate Human Brain And Improve Memory


In a significant breakthrough towards stimulating the human brain to enhance the ability of people to recollect distinct memories, neuroscientists have discovered a new method of using electrical pulses for the stimulation of the human brain.

This can help people with epilepsy and they have already shown decent improvement when it comes to recognizing specific faces.

In a study conducted by the neuroscientists belonging to the David Geffen School of Medicine, 8 out of 9 patients should significant improvement with regards to recognizing faces of specific people when they received the electrical pulses on the right side of the brain. This side is crucial for memory and learning abilities.

However, there was no improvement in the patient’s ability to recall when the electrical stimulation was delivered to the left side of the region. The voltage used was as low as one-tenth of what they used in earlier similar studies.

The researchers used Ultra-fine wires to monitor the brain activity and precisely target the stimulation using low voltage electrical impulses. This has given hope for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and precise electrical stimulation can be used for treating memory disorders in the future.



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