New Study Finds Depression and Anxiety Linked To Migraines


A recent study conducted in Taiwan found that frequent migraines were experienced by participants who also suffered from depression and anxiety. The study included 588 patients who were required to attend an outpatient clinic for headaches. The headache study found that sleep quality takes on a role as well. In fact, they found that poor sleep quality is an independent predictor of more severe anxiety and depression symptoms.

The study’s experts noticed that factors such as headache frequency and emotional distress may be influenced by one another via a common pathophysiological mechanism. For instance, it’s possible that emotional responses are able to alter a person’s pain perception through specific signaling pathways.

According to health industry experts, the findings actually suggest that with medical treatment focusing on decreasing the frequency of headaches, it may lessen the risk of anxiety and depression in patients who suffer from migraines.

While scientists still have a lot of research to conduct on the subject, this is a step in the right direction because not enough is known about migraine sufferers. Dr. Fu-Chi Yang was one of the authors of the research, and he is excited to learn that doctors may soon be able to decrease the frequency of headaches and prevent patients from suffering the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


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