Professional Transfer Kit Reduces the Caregiver’s Injuries and Increases Patient Safety


BARCELONA, Spain, Sept. 29, 2017 () — The big problem of back pain suffered by health professionals due to performing tasks of transfer and mobilization of patients with reduced mobility is the reason why Medicare System (Barcelona) has launched Professional Transfer Kit. It is a set of support, slipping and rotation devices that are very useful to help the caregiver reduce the effort required to perform mobilization tasks. In addition, properly used also increase the safety of the patient avoiding risks of falls and improves their security and comfort feeling.

Professional Transfer Kit is composed of a support band for mobilization, two holding belts, a sliding tubular, a band for legs control, a rotating disc for the floor, a rotating cushion and an adaptable transfer table. It also includes a handy backpack, a manual of mobilization techniques and a DVD with videos of use.

The training manual that is part of the kit describes step by step the techniques to properly use of devices, as well as some general principles on anatomy to consider when making mobilizations. The DVD also contains some videos demonstrating the use of the devices.

In any profession whose activity involves physical efforts is normal to use tools or devices that help to reduce the effort required by the operator, increasing their efficiency and safety. However, something we take for granted in professions like carpenter, mechanic or electrician, is not usual in professions related with caring of persons with reduced mobility. The care that these people require include mobilization tasks assisted by their caregiver, such as moving from bed to an armchair or from the wheelchair to the bed. Depending on the degree of patient collaboration, these tasks may require tremendous effort on the part of the caregiver, and if not done properly it can result in accidents due to patient falls or injuries to the caregiver due to forced postures. In addition, these types of tasks are often performed several times a day, resulting in repetitive overruns continued over time.

This situation is generating a great international alarm in the healthcare sector because it’s estimated that 50% of caregivers who mobilize patients suffer back injuries throughout the year, and up to 80% suffer from chronic musculoskeletal disorders. The negative consequences of this problem are the large number of work casualties that occur daily in institutions, and these, in turn, have an impact on a reduction in the quality of care and an increase in personnel costs.

Professional Transfer Kit contributes to solve this problem by providing caregivers with the necessary tools to reduce their efforts in mobilizing patients and the necessary training to use them correctly.

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