Real Time Health Monitoring With Nanosensors

Thomas Webster,

It is expected that super-bugs that are immune to existing antibiotics can have devastating effects on mankind and it has the potential to kill 10 million people every year if left unchecked. This is a huge number that surpasses the number of deaths due to diabetes and cancer every year.

Thomas Webster, a Northeastern professor is working on a solution in his laps that involves developing nano-particles capable of latching onto bacteria and viruses to attack them and kill them.

The threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is huge considering the recent outbreaks of Zika Virus and other Norovirus problems. Webster is of the opinion that the problem can be tackled in bulk by developing nanoparticles that can treat all microorganism infections. Apart from that, they are also working on creating Nanosensors that work like a FitBit inside the body.

However, the challenge comes with power the device inside the body, even if they manage to find a suitable chemical compound to stay safely inside the body. If this succeeds, it can monitor health in real time and it can also be programmed to detect cancerous cells and kill them in the early stages. This will bring a personalized approach to treat the health problems.


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