These 3 Self-Hypnosis Tricks Can Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick According to Mahesh Grossman of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management

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Hypnosis could help you reach the finish line with your New Year's resolutions.

“Hypnosis is simply relaxing deeply and using your imagination to see images, hear sounds, and feel sensations that allow your subconscious mind to help you reach your goals. It’s especially natural for people who practice meditation or are creative, or people who sometimes get lost in daydreams.”


Whether a New Year’s resolution is to break a habit or make one, Mahesh Grossman, a professional hypnotist at Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management, says you are more likely to succeed by using hypnosis. “A wide range of studies show that hypnosis is extremely beneficial for behavior modification, including quitting smoking and weight loss,” he says. “Rachmaninoff even credits hypnosis with helping him write his Concerto #2.”

Only 8% of the 40% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions actually reach their goal, according to Grossman believes that percentage would increase drastically if more people took advantage of hypnosis. “Hypnosis is a tool that almost anyone can use. Research shows that two-thirds of people are hypnotizable.” (For a quiz that will tell if you are hypnotizable, click here.)

Though working with a professional hypnotist provides the optimal benefit, Grossman says most people can use self-hypnosis successfully. “Hypnosis is simply relaxing deeply and using the imagination to see images, hear sounds, and feel sensations that allow the subconscious mind to help with your goals. It’s especially natural for people who practice meditation or are creative, or people who sometimes get lost in daydreams.”

The first step in self-hypnosis is to de-stress and become peaceful. “Start by taking a few deep breaths and then imagine warm, pink sand slowly filling the body, section by section, from the feet to the very top of the head,” Grossman says. “As this takes place, there will be a sense of becoming more relaxed.”

This is the tranquil state from which self-hypnosis may be attempted.

Here are three techniques Grossman suggests to help accomplish New Year's resolutions:

1) The Control Room

Imagine ambling down a path in a beautiful place in nature. See, hear, feel and even smell everything that’s present. A flight of ten stairs appears a hundred feet away. Slowly walk down the stairs and notice a sense of deeper relaxation with each step. At the bottom of the stairs is a cottage with a red door. Open the door and go in. Inside is a set of controls—dials or levers. Each dial is for something related to your New Year’s resolution or goal. Perhaps these dials even have numbers on them, from one to ten. Each dial is movable so that the level is appropriate for the chosen resolution. They can be moved in the same way as one would raise or lower the temperature on a thermostat. The first control is for something that it would be necessary to increase for the resolution. For example, for weight loss, it could be beneficial to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that are eaten. Set the control to the number that seems most appropriate. Fully experience this action; see it, feel it and hear it move.

The next control is for something that would make sense to do less of. If the goal is to publish a book, it might be a good thing to spend less time on social media in order have more hours to write. Lower this control to a number that seems suitable. Continue to set dials, being as specific as possible. Set controls for whatever aspects of the goal are necessary for success. When all the controls have been set, close the door to the cottage and go back up the stairs. Return to ordinary consciousness.

Any time the New Year’s resolution seems difficult, imagine a dial and re-set it to the level that will lead to success. (A full audio version of this technique is available here.)

2) The Rehearsal

The rehearsal technique trains the subconscious mind to help accomplish the behaviors one wants to achieve in real life by practicing them in the mind. Just like in the hypnotic control room, it’s important to see, hear, feel (and even smell and taste if for weight loss or smoking cessation) everything that needs to happen in great detail. Imagine going step-by-step through the items that need to be done in order to successfully complete, at the highest possible level, what it is you want to do. For making or breaking a habit, visualize the situations that may have been challenging in the past. Imagine choosing the behaviors that will lead to success.

At the end of the process, imagine what it will feel like when you accomplish the goal.

3) Red Reminder

The red reminder technique will train the subconscious mind to remember to help you achieve the goal. Start by coming up with a simple, positive sentence for this reminder. For example,“I love to meditate daily” for a meditation practice or “I get full easily” to lose weight. To give up something, use the phrase “I am free of_____.” Just fill in smoking, overeating, alcohol or whatever needs to eliminated

Now, in the mind’s eye, visualize the color red. From now on, notice it everywhere it appears in life. Whenever something red is seen, whether it’s a piece of clothing or a brick building, say the positive sentence and feel the peace and satisfaction that will come from succeeding at the goal. In a few days, this association will become automatic and it will make it easier and easier to accomplish a New Year’s resolution.

Mahesh Grossman is a clinically certified hypnotherapist and owner of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management. Mahesh specializes in stop smoking hypnosis, as well as hypnosis for weight loss, pain management, medical issues, anxiety and depression. His personal mission is to help people make the changes they want to experience by breaking through the unconscious material that causes them difficulties to the unconditional love and joy that lies hidden just below the surface of everyday life. He offers in person sessions in northern California as well as phone and Skype sessions throughout the world. For a quiz to see how hypnotizable you are, click here.

For more information about Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management or this and other story angles, please call or text Mahesh Grossman at (510) 813-8004 or email info(At)BerkeleyHypnosis(dot)com

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