Addiction to Video Games is Mental Illness: WHO


The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that video gaming addicts can fall into the mental illness category. The Intentional Classification of Diseases draft version is ready.

The United Nations health coordinator has classified the persistent behavior of a person to play video games under the mental illness category. The video game enthusiasts giving importance of video games than any other life interests are in a poor state of mind.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has listed the video gaming disorder to be a condition that needs further study. There is no official confirmation that the online gaming disorder is a disease. But, further studies on it are underway.

There were reports in the past about studies conducted to find out if there is a connection between unusual gaming addiction in gamers and mental health problems.

The University of Bergen in Norway concluded in its study in 2011 that depression and anxiety are problems seen in excessive video gaming enthusiasts. The researchers said that their study indicated a steady pattern that links video game problems with poor health.

The Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony also conducted a similar study in 2010. Their researchers specified that excessive gaming increased the suicidal thoughts in teenagers.


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