Chadd Sullo Has Idea For Innovative Mobile Tennis Game

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The more they play and win, the more rewards they can earn. I hope this will keep them coming back.”

— Chadd Sullo

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2017 — Do you love tennis? Do you like mobile games? Chadd Sullo is planning to combine both of his loves into a mobile tennis game.

Sullo has been playing mobile games for years. From sports to trivia to puzzles, there is not a game Sullo has not played. His plan for the mobile tennis game is the first time he has become the developer.

Tennis is hugely famous worldwide as a spectator sport. But what if a person could play a realistic tennis without holding a racket? That's the goal Sullo has for his game.

“Imagine using your phone or tablet to play a realistic tennis game,” says Chadd Sullo. “There are many mobile tennis games, but I plan to build a different platform.”

Smartphones are becoming more advanced, and Sullo believes it's time for mobile games to follow suit.

Using Sensors On Phones In Game

Phones are using pressure sensors to gauge input from their owners. Sullo wants to establish this characteristic into the plans of his game.

“This game will be able to gauge how hard to hit the tennis ball by just pressing hard or light on the screen,” explains Sullo.

He also wants to use the ability to swipe up, down, left, and right to let users apply trick shots. This addition would set the game on another level than other mobile games.

Sullo hopes the experience of playing the game will bring them back more. And with social media, he hopes word of mouth of the game will spread.

Gameplay And Matches With Opponents

The mobile game would let users play anybody at any time. The dynamic of the proposed game would make users have the option of a teammate. A high-speed connection would be ideal for these games.

For one-on-one games, users would compete for wins, but also points. These are points used for worldwide rankings, which would be updated daily.

“My idea for the rankings system is to let users have bragging rights on the game,” says Sullo. “The more games they play on the app, the better chance they have for prizes.”

Partnering With Corporations For Giveaways

Sullo has talked to gamers across the country, and one factor they use for playing a game are giveaways. When a user performs well in a game and is ranked high, they are eligible for prizes.

“When my plan starts to gain traction, I hope to approach businesses about prizes,” explains Sullo. “That just adds to the incentive of playing the mobile game.”

There will also be different levels of tokens and rewards inside the game.

“The more they play and win, the more rewards they can earn. I hope this will keep them coming back.”

Next Steps For Chadd Sullo And The Mobile Game

Sullo has spent time and energy on coming up with the perfect game. The next step is making the game a reality.

He is a long way from actually developing a demo of the game, but will start the design soon.

The intuitive touch controls will take time to develop. But using the touchscreen for smashes and side shots are essential to Sullo.

Written ideas on paper for the mobile game are changed and modified daily. Another idea is offering a split-screen multiplayer mode. The split screen for is two people using the same device. This setup is ideal for tablet users.

For the players who are not fans of tennis or know the rules, there would be a beginner course when the game starts. This extra would let users get familiar with the guidelines of the sport. Sullo is excited about the possibilities this mobile game has.

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