HNA-Caissa Two Year Anniversary as a Publicly Listed Company


BEIJING, Dec. 28, 2017 — As a core company under the Global Fortune 500 Company, HNA Group, HNA-Caissa welcomed its second anniversary of becoming publicly listed company. Despite the core changes to the tourism market that includes fundamental changes to the tourist consumption structure, HNA-Caissa has relied upon its core competitiveness to become a continuously rising tourism power during this process.

“The Overall Market” Changes and Specific Changes to the Tourism Industry

Stock trading display screen board
Stock trading display screen board

The tourism industry in China has been greatly impacted by the overall market changes which include policy changes, the changes of tourism demands, the Chinese RMB exchange rate movements, and the safety issues of destinations, etc.

Under this environment, HNA-Caissa has actively sought to expand and strategize its tourism industry sectors to specialized sectors that include sports tourism, outdoor travel, hiking trips, etc. At the same time, through HNA-Caissa's engrained development within the tourism industry in Europe, Southeast Asia, America and other countries, the policies, currency fluctuations, and the visa changes have directly catalyzed its tourism growth. According to HNA-Caissa's third quarter financial report, it reported industry related revenues of 6.24 billion RMB, a 24.05% growth YOY and saw its shareholder's profit increase to 340 million RMB, a 44.12% increase YOY.

Core “Competitive Advantage”

Following the listing, HNA-Caissa has rolled out various tourism products under the theme of the Belt and Road in the 3rd quarter of this year, which showed innovation and aroused a warm response in China. Furthermore, HNA-Caissa plans to develop more tourism products along the Belt and Road countries and to seek more cooperation opportunities.

In 2017, HNA-Caissa increased the research and development efforts of its new, special, unique, and high end tourism products and the customized tourist product “Customize Happiness”. What these two sectors represent are the unique and high end tourism routes along with the deepened and private service experience to directly target the needs of the consumer and meet the demands of the tourists. 

While perfecting its customized tourism sectors, HNA-Caissa has also greatly increased its brand development within the cruise, sports tourism, and outdoor travel sectors. Through embracing the vivid and all model cruise product line, HNA-Caissa has gained the top market share of home port cruise and polar cruises. At the same time, HNA-Caissa has also rolled out the initial 46-day South Pacific Sea cruise line to become an important achievement upon the Belt and Road initiative in the tourism industry.

Moreover, HNA-Caissa has made detailed strides within the sports tourism and outdoor travel sectors that includes sport competitions viewing, hiking tourism, riding trip, marathon and other professional niche sectors, including the Tennis Four Grand Slams, Soccer's Europe Cup and basketball's NBA All Stars Viewing Product. Especially during 2016, as the official Rio Olympics' China Olympic Committee Vendor and Reception Service Strategic Partners, HNA-Caissa rolled out over 200 competitive venue ticket products to achieve cross-border immense growth within the sports tourism industry. This further strengthened HNA-Caissa's market position as a globalized ticket vendor for high end sports events and as a large scale reception service provider.

Meeting the Demand of Holiday Travel

Following the Chinese National Golden Week, two months of tourism low season will occur. Yet, following the year's end, Christmas and New Year again reflect the high season for Chinese outbound tourism. In China, outbound tourism is always the first choice for holiday travel which requires travel agency develop more products to meet the increasing demands. With the opportunity of this peak tourist season, HNA-Caissa gained the market recognition and at the same time won the public pursuit with its innovative and customizable products.

This year, HNA-Caissa has rolled out the “My Travel My Stay” tourism product based upon the increasingly popular Japan independent travel. Furthermore, on the sports tourism side, HNA-Caissa has rolled out the “Meet the Glacier – France and Switzerland Passion Trip” for ski enthusiasts to gain a perfect skiing experience.

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