In entertainment capital, Crisis Text Line launches a new lifeline for those suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts and other crises


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 27, 2017 — With youth suicides on the rise in Los Angeles – a 140% increase between 2010 and 2015 – accessible crisis support is more important than ever before (source). Today, Crisis Text Line, the national not-for-profit that provides free, 24/7 crisis support via SMS in the US announces an array of local partnerships in the Los Angeles Area, including the Los Angeles Mayor's Office.

Crisis Text Line offers free, 24/7, confidential services for people in crisis via text, as well as an innovative way to volunteer.

Crisis Text Line offers free, 24/7, confidential services for people in crisis via text, as well as an innovative way to volunteer.

“If a young adult is in search of services of their life is at risk, we need to have a way of supporting them in the way that they communicate: text messages,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Crisis Text Line makes sense. It helps save lives by meeting people on their terms, and giving them somewhere to turn in moments of distress.”

Across the nation, Crisis Text Line has exchanged over 50 million messages with people in crisis and has almost 4000 trained volunteers, with over 100 in the Los Angeles area. Already, Crisis Text Line has handled over 75,000 conversations with people in crisis in the LA Area, with more than 75% of these texters under the age of 25, The texters reflect LA's diversity, with over 70% of texters identifying as non-white. The most commonly mentioned issues in the greater LA area include depression and suicidality, stress and isolation.

Mental health in the media and entertainment:

Los Angeles and its entertainment industry have long been active in the national conversations surrounding mental and emotional health, especially following recent headlines around celebrity suicides, and sexual assault allegations in the entertainment industry.

“LA as a community is full of creativity and strength,” said Nancy Lublin CEO and founder of Crisis Text Line, “We are excited to work with the Los Angeles Mayor's Office to empower and support both those in crisis and those looking for a way to give back as volunteer Crisis Counselors”

“I am thrilled to grow Crisis Text Line in a community that has been always been vocal about mental health experiences.” said Maggie M. Van de Loo, Crisis Text Line LA director and long time Crisis Counselor. “As these conversations continue to increase, the need for support and the ability to take action in improving the world around us will as well. Crisis Text Line wants to make easy to give and access life-saving support.”

“One of the reasons I volunteer for Crisis Text Line is that I wish there had been this sort of resource when I was [assaulted],” said Bee Horton, Crisis Text Line Crisis Counselor. “I wasn't equipped to help myself and was too frightened to seek the support I needed. I wish so badly I could have texted someone anonymous for support and understanding of my options. It's been life-changing to me that I can now be that text-box, at the other side of the abyss, for hundreds of other people experiencing their own crisis.”

Los Angeles Area Partners

Many Los Angeles voices are coming together to support Crisis Text Line's Los Angeles launch, which was sparked through the partnership with the LA Mayor's Office. LAFC, the incoming professional men's soccer team in LA will raise awareness with their fans and youth programs, to ensure that all know where to turn in crisis (741741), and to promote the volunteer opportunity as a way to give back and strengthen communities.

Other Crisis Text Line Los Angeles Partners include:

  • Los Angeles Mayor's Office
  • Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)
  • TOMS
  • Headspace
  • ATTN: Media
  • LA Area Coffee Shops: Cafe Demitasse, TOMS Flagship, The Assembly, The Village Bakery, Coffee for Sasquatch.

These partners are in addition to Crisis Text Line's national corporate partners based in LA, including Snapchat. Crisis Text Line also collaborates on content that may be triggering or sensitive to some viewers to build out ways to provide resources and to support audiences.


  • If you're in crisis, text LA to 741741 for crisis support in the Los Angeles Area.
  • Become a volunteer Crisis Counselor at
  • To learn how your organization, company, or school can get involved, reach out to Los Angeles Director Maggie Van de Loo at [email protected]

About Crisis Text Line
Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7, confidential crisis support via text. Learn more at

What LA Area leaders are saying:

“Crisis Text Line fills a need in our community to provide support for people in any crisis,” said Joseph Avalos, Los Angeles Crisis Response Team Program Director. “Having access to data will strengthen our decisions about programming and resources to increase our ability to promote health and safety throughout Los Angeles“. 

“TOMS is thrilled to be in partnership with Crisis Text Line. We are proud to be a part of supporting their accomplishments in bully prevention and response efforts,” said Amy Smith, Chief Giving Officer of TOMS. “Contributing towards the training of Crisis Counselors at Crisis Text Line who support people in need aligns directly with our vision of innovative, long term solutions to a problem that touches as many as one out of every three students in the US.”

“LAFC is committed to making an impact in the heart of Los Angeles,” Tom Penn, LAFC Owner and President said. “We are proud to support the Crisis Text Line as a community partner.”

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