Introducing Blö: The World’s First Wearable Cooling Device and Diffuser

This is a product that’s going to help make people more comfortable in their everyday lives.”

— Rob Lupi

LOS ANGELES, CA, U.S.A., December 5, 2017 — Blo technology is proud to introduce blö, a small, lightweight, wearable cooling device. blö is a patent pending, rechargeable cooling device that is strategically designed to be worn underneath clothing, either at the base of the neck, on the front of the body, or on the lower back. blö alleviates the unpleasant feeling of being overheated for those suffering from menopause or multiple sclerosis, but it’s also intended for use in everyday situations: while running, hiking, working out, working outside, golfing or even just hanging out with friends.

The device makes use of a small motor and a blade to create airflow. It draws air in through a chamber where it passes over peppermint oil, (or any other choice of essential oils.) The user can choose to use blö without essential oils, although this option can enhance the cooling sensation. The cool air focuses on a small part of the skin, and during preliminary testing, remarkably, cooled the entire body 6 degrees within 2 minutes.

This innovative product is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $29 and will start shipping to backers in February 2018. The company has already surpassed its fundraising goal, having raised over $100,000 in 3 weeks, and the team is confident they’ll be able to deliver a top quality product on time.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard over the last 2 years,” says blo technology founder Rob Lupi. “And we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. After all, this is a product that’s going to help make people more comfortable in their everyday lives.”

About the company:

Founder and CEO Rob Lupi first met Creative Director Andy when they were both in the Marine Corps together. After leaving the military, Rob studied psychology at UCLA, then took a variety of government contracting jobs all over the world in hot, humid locations.

Rob spontaneously came up with the idea of a portable AC when in Los Angeles attending Marshall Business School at USC. After endless conversation and thought, the team, which now included Mechanical Engineer Collin, created over 50 prototypes until they were happy with the results.

Find out more on the blö Kickstarter page and YouTube channel.

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