LaPresse: AWE Sport Selected as Part of HYPE – Sports Innovation’s Top 50 Program


LONDON, December 27, 2017

(LaPresse) – AWE Sport has been selected as part of HYPE – Sports Innovation's TOP 50 Program, which is renowned worldwide for launching the world's most innovative sport startups into the future of this business. The agency has been selected for its commitment in changing the way of conceiving a football match at the stadium by creating a unique atmosphere that goes beyond the competition day. 

“We are extremely proud of this achievement that comes just two years after the beginning of our adventure,” said Romy Gai, President and Co-Founder of the London based AWE Sport International. “This is proof that we are going in the right direction and we are growing healthily. Our goal is to leave an important sign in the world of football, supported by our values and our passion for sport.”

Dr. Ilan Hadar, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at HYPE – Sports Innovation noted, “We are excited to welcome AWE Sport to the 2018 TOP 50 Elite program and support them as they grow. We believe in their ability to make an impact on the World of Sports.”

AWE Sport, based in the British capital, is an international sports marketing agency that is the ideal partner for those who wish to invest in the world of sport, thanks to its consultancy and sponsorship activation services.
Strategic thinking and close attention to fan engagement, combined with diversified competences and creative mindset, allow AWE Sport to catch the best opportunities on the market and implement them effectively.

HYPE – Sports Innovation is the largest sports innovation ecosystem with over 26,000 leaders and key decision makers, including sports and global technology brands, academia, investors and startups. HYPE- Sports Innovation is running the TOP 50 program for the most innovative sports startups and additional core activities around the world, to advance its mission to impact people's lives through the power of sports and innovation.


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