New Children’s Book Illustrates Joy, Peace and Strength in Coming to Christ

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Parables are an important part of storytelling and teaching lifelong messages in the Bible. Author Susan Brandt Castelli has recently released a parable of her own, “The Crooked Tree,” metaphorically illustrating a nonbeliever’s path to Jesus Christ.

The book depicts a tree, leaned over toward the ground; the tree cannot see the environment around her, and sees the world from a very limited perspective.

A young man comes along and proceeds to tie a rope around the tree and tie the rope to a stake in the ground, thus training the tree to stand tall.

Eventually, it is revealed the tree represents nonbelievers; the rope and stake represent God’s word, and the young man represents believers who help wayward souls find a way to Jesus.

“When the Lord entered my life during a difficult time, I experienced a peace, joy and love I never knew,” said Castelli. “I desire everyone I know and love to have a personal relationship with Jesus.”

“The Crooked Tree” is sure to inspire children and adults to seek out the love and peace of Jesus Christ.

“The Crooked Tree”
By Susan Brandt Castelli
ISBN: 978-1512787504 (softcover); 978-1512787511 (electronic)
Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Susan Brandt Castelli resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Joe. She is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and has traveled to Zambia, Honduras, and Salt Lake City, Utah as a missionary. Formerly an elementary school teacher, Castelli now enjoys Bible study, her 3 grandchildren, and playing tennis. “The Crooked Tree” is her first book.

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