RSports™ Launches Ownership Opportunities for the 2018 Season


SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 28, 2017 — For sports fans who have dreamed of owning a sports franchise and handing out a business card that says “Team Owner,” RSports™ is making that dream a reality.

Co-Founders Tony and Tory Hernandez and their over 30 years of combined experience in the sport have built a virtual platform designed to replicate the rules and principles governing Major League Baseball.

RSports is the first baseball league to successfully combine fantasy sports with experiential gaming — all while creating the same competitive playing field long enjoyed by Major League sports owners. The prestige of owning a sports franchise is not just for the 1 percent anymore.

CEO Tory Hernandez, a 20-year veteran of the professional baseball industry, explained,

“Our goal was to disrupt the marketplace and fill the void in today's fantasy and experiential gaming products. The key differentiator for us is authenticity. Everything we offer, from ownership to interacting with other GMs, to making trades, to the roster rules and calendar that mirror MLB, to negotiations, the draft and international free agency, it is all bundled into actual ownership of earning money, gaining profits and building equity.”

Using real-time data supported by algorithmic innovations never before seen in this space, RSports truly can lay claim to being the Virtual MLB.

Says Chairman Tony Hernandez,

“With the best technology in the industry, RSports is well-positioned to be the go-to game in the categories of fantasy, virtual and experiential sports. I'm excited to watch the competition unfold for all those out there looking for their shot to prove that they can do it better than the guy on TV.”

Ownership opportunities are now available. For more information to invest in a team or to get involved, visit

Fantasy franchises. Real ownership. Don't just play fantasy sports, invest in it and earn equity.

About RSports:

RSports goes beyond fantasy sports to represent every facet of a sports league with accuracy. Our advanced model of statistics, rules, and measures lets users experience the real thing, not just simulate it. We are not a fantasy sports product; we're a new governing body of sports leagues that allows users to compete against their peers. For more information, visit

Media contact:

Carrie Ward, PR for RSports, [email protected], 832-407-5347

SOURCE RSports Baseball

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