SECRET REVEALED: How To Get Sexy, Lean & Strong


SILICON VALLEY, CA – 09/06/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Many people want better health, increased energy and to be able to accomplish more in life, but few know how to do it.

Deb Dutcher is on a mission to help everyone be sexy lean and strong — at any age, but, especially After 50! Her new TV series, now airing on BONBON Networks is all about sharing all the tips and strategies she used at 51 to get to the best shape of her life, after going through many losses – her job, thirty-year marriage, 19-year old son, all her savings and her health. She found herself out-of-shape and feeling hopeless, even suicidal. She turned to nutrition and improving her lifestyle and got back to the size she was in her 30s. She has helped hundreds recover health and vitality and now, at 65, is proud to look and feel many years younger.

To help others, she has taken her best-selling book, “Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50! – How I went from Fat, Depressed and Divorced to the Best Shape of My Life and How YOU Can Too “– and parsed it into bite-size pieces to help folks get off what Deb calls “the Mad-Body Mountain”. Mad-Body Mountain is where we end up when we have stopped listening to our bodies, to their aches and complaints, and are dealing with stubborn weight, lack of energy and, even on medication. After 50, it is even harder to make the changes and see results. It is not all about food and exercise! It is about what you are telling yourself, how you handle stress and manage daily temptations. It is about your self-care and getting support.

“We first met Deb about 6-months ago. She was boobked on our talk show, as a health expert. I was beyond impressed with her knowledge, tenacity and energy level. We were thrilled to be the network to distribute her show, as it is jam-packed with value for the viewers.” Said Bonnie Bruderer, CEO BONBON Networks.

Deb knows how to get your body going again, to help your metabolism rev-up naturally, so the fat melts off and stays off! As a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Deb brings over 16 years of experience working with nutrition and lifestyle to help her clients get back to Sexy, Lean and Strong!

Prior to becoming a Health Coach, Deb Dutcher spent over twenty years in the high-tech field, in engineering and information technology. She knows what it is to be stressed and overworked, and how easy it is to ignore your body, until you find yourself on the Mad-Body Mountain. You can’t just jump off a mountain! Learn all the ways you can calm your body down and Get Sexy, Lean and Strong again! Join Deb on her new show and learn how to take your body on.

Deb wants everyone to know it is never too late to take back their health! You can reach Deb at:; [email protected]; (650) 400-2612.

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