SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Partners Improving Youth Health and Lives


    JACKSONVILLE, FL, September 08, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — “We have always been blessed with wonderful prevention and health partners,” said Chudley Werch, PhD, President at Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC. “Our partners are the main reason why we are in the business of preventing substance use harm and promoting fitness and health among youth and young adults.”

“What good is the world’s most effective, practical evidence-based substance use prevention program without dedicated and well-trained people, organizations and coalitions to implement it to young people?” stated Dr. Werch.

That’s why ever since Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC was launched in 2006, we have strived to provide the very best programs, training, and post-purchase support services to ensure our prevention partners have a positive, successful experience implementing our evidence-based programs, including SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW).

SPORT PPW is the nation’s only single-session evidence-based substance use prevention program for youth that promotes physical activity, sports participation and healthy behaviors using brief positive image communication and multiple behavior goal setting.

But the real champions are the individuals and organizations that commit their time, talent and finances to provide SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness to youth in their communities.

When practical, effective programs link with dedicated, trained individuals the results can be amazing.

The following are true stories of how some of our current partners have made a real, significant difference in the lives of youth and their families by providing SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness in their communities.

“Given the fact the opiate issue has gripped the nation, the Neighborhood Resource Center discovered athletes have a much greater risk of being prescribed an opiate, because of their increased opportunity for injury. Knowing this and the addiction potential of opiates the Neighborhood Resource Center is partnering with local schools to offer the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program. The Neighborhood Resource Center believes a strong defense is a timely offensive strategy. SPORT PPW provides the vital tool student athletes need for both on and off the field to be successful.”

Barry Schmidt
Neighborhood Resource Center
Bay City MI

“We have conducted the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) curriculum to over 1,250 youth in Seattle over the past 4 years in middle school classrooms and after school programs. As a brief intervention, SPORT is a good complement to our other prevention strategies. We have appreciated the flexibility of the curriculum and the tailored support we received to help make SPORT PPW the best fit for our community.”

Mike Graham-Squire, CPP
Manager Youth and Health Services
Neighborhood House
Seattle, WA

“We implement the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program in our after school, summer youth, and recreational programs. Since we have 3 versions of the program, we could reach out to children and youth from age of 8 to 18. I personally think that this is a good program because it is informational and flexible. It allows providers to have different arrangements to complete the program. Most of the participants show improvements in posttests regarding sleeping time and eating habits.”

Pam Ng
Immigrant Social Services, Inc.
New York NY

“We have really enjoyed implementing the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program, especially in church youth group settings. The students have been engaged and interested in the material and it has given them a great foundation for prevention.”

Robin McDaniel
Barbara B Jordan YMCA
Martinsville IN

“I am amazed at the response and success our SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) administrators, counselors, parents and youth are having in the schools. One parent reported his youth had changed to a healthier diet at home and is implementing some of the strategies from the SPORT PPW fliers, while another parent said her son is more confident and now he’s not easily pressured by peers to experiment with alcohol. In addition, the Basketball Director reported that SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness provided a more educational approach to health and wellness which includes education on staying away from alcohol/drugs and how it affects an athlete’s body. We are excited about the implementation of the SPORT PPW program in our agency. We plan to continue to provide services in the hope that more and more youth can live a viable and healthy lifestyle.”

Gary Coney MS CAP MH Registered Intern
Prevention Supervisor
Drug Abuse Treatment Association, Inc.
Mangonia Park, FL

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