The greatest online & offline eSports competition in Asia, With HGC’s fully support to eSports, MTGamer — Glory Cup-Spring Tournament 2018 is returned


HONG KONG, CHINA–(Marketwired – Nov 27, 2017) – MTGamer, the greatest global Chinese gaming information platform, is pleased to announce that, the “Glory Cup-Spring Tournament 2018” kick off at the MTGamer eSports stadium, attracted nearly a hundred gamers. The organizer is honoured to have Mr. Andrew Kwok, CEO of HGC, Mr. Cliff Tam, Vice President of Carrier Data — International Business of HGC, Mr. James Lai, Vice President of Product and Business Development of HGC, Mr. James Zhou, Chairman of Net Media Group, renowned artist Ms. Kelly Cheung Hei Man, as well as Mr. Lee Kin Wo, former Hong Kong Top Footballers to participate in the event.

MTGamer is one of the most important gaming information platforms in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since MTGamer eSports stadium, the first professional eSports stadium, is set up in Hong Kong in July 2017, it received full support from various circles and has hold various eSports competitions. MTGamer strives to promote the development of the gaming and eSports business in Asia. HGC is the leading internet service provider in Hong Kong and globally, which has provided internet service for different regions in Hong Kong and around the world. HGC owns a customer base of nearly 0.3 million in Hong Kong with over 25,000 Wifi hotspots, as well as provides service to over 70 OTT service provider. HGC noticed that there is a huge potential for growth in the eSports market and the number of audiences and players keep increasing in recent years. Thus, as a partner of MTGamer, HGC also plans to explore an eSports competition channel, so that eSports fans are able to watch the competitions organized by MTGamer and other international competitions on the channel. 

The first “MTGamer Glory Cup” achieved great success in 2017 which attracted more than a thousand of gamers from Asia to participate in hundreds of online and offline matches, fought for the award and prizes. As a result, the “MTGamer — Glory Cup-Spring Tournament 2018” is returning. The online matching platform equipment has significantly improved, as well as the prize has greatly increased. The Glory Cup includes matches of “League of Legends,” “OverWatch,” “Hearthstone,” “FIFA 18,” “Clash Royale” and “Arena of Valor,” endeavors in holding the greatest Asia eSports competition. The Red Bull Trinity Finale — Hong Kong and Macau will also be held at MTGamer eSports stadium in December 2017.

Enhance the platforms: MTGamer eSports & MTGamerTV
MTGamer is going to launch a new online platform “MTGamer eSports” with using the stable and high-speed internet service provided by HGC. This online platform will provide a non-stop competition system, through which the players can register as a member (website:, enter the challenging zoom and choose the competitions he or she want to participate from the Glory Cup list. Through this online platform, MTGamer wishes to hold more international competitions by connecting more media channels and institutions.

To commemorate this special occasion, MTGamer held “Glory Cup-Spring Tournament 2018” kick off ceremony at the MTGamer eSports stadium. To kick off the new season of large eSports tournament in the ceremony, it is honoured to have Mr. William Wong, Chairman of MTGamer, Ms. Rosanna Lee, Marketing Lead, Consumer Market of HGC, renowned artist Ms. Kelly Cheung Hei Man, as well as Mr. Lee Kin Wo, former Hong Kong Top Footballers to have a FIFA18 football match, and also the performance of Cosplayers.

Mr. Andrew Kwok, CEO of HGC said, “HGC always pays close attention to the market trends and actively explore different opportunity to cooperate with OTT service providers, giving support to eSports will be one of our company's future development goals. Being the partner of MTGamer, HGC not only provides excellent internet services with high speed, high capacity, high stability and low latency for the competition, but also hope to further promote eSports competitions and attract more gamers by leveraging our customer base, as well as to increase public awareness of the eSports industry.”

Mr. William Wong, Chairman of MTGamer said, “The Glory Cup-Summer Tournament 2017 was a very successful one, and I am confident that the Glory Cup-Spring Tournament 2018 will attract more outstanding players. It will be broadcasted on more online platforms, and I believe that it will attract millions, or even more than 10 million views.”

MTGamer plans to partner with HGC to host a Southeast Asian Online & Offline Match next year, including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan, etc. Mr. Wong said, “We wish to host the greatest online & offline match in Southeast Asia in the second half of next year. Apart from utilizing our own eSports stadium, the match may also move to Hong Kong Coliseum. We will actively explore local large-scale eSports competitions and promote to whole Asia. Our goal is to become the NBA of Asia eSports industry.”

About MTGamer
MTGamer is established in 2015, which mainly operates game information websites and aims to serve the global Chinese game market. MTGamer expanded to China and Taiwan market since 2017 which broaden the market penetration. MTGamer eSports stadium, the first professional eSports stadium is set up in Hong Kong on 18 July 2017.

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About HGC (Hutchison Global Communications Limited)
HGC is a leading fixed-line operator, soft infrastructure service provider, carrier's carrier and one of the Hong Kong's largest-scale Wi-Fi service providers. HGC empowers local and overseas customers with full-fledged local and international, mass and corporate, data centre, IT solutions and broadband services. HGC owns and runs an extensive optical-fibre network, coupled with four cross-border routes integrated with three of mainland China's tier-one telecoms operators, plus a world-class international network. The company is committed to further invest and enrich its current infrastructure, and in parallel, adding on top the latest technologies and develop its soft infrastructure services and solutions. HGC is a portfolio company of I Squared Capital, who is an independent global infrastructure investment manager focusing on energy, utilities, and transport in North America, Europe, and select high growth economies.

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