TVS Television Network Launches SPORT Magazine Post Cable Network Ad Supported Free To View Featuring the 10,000 Title TVS Classic Sports Library


January 13, 2018 – TVS Television Network, the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA, has launched the SPORT Magazine post cable network channel via the Daily Motion platform. TVS SPORT Magazine is an ad supported, free to view, video on demand channel that features classic and current programming produced by the TVS Television Network.

Classic sports include TVS productions of college basketball, major college football bowl games, PGA and LPGA Golf, LPBT Bowling, World Football League, Pro Tennis, AIAW Championships, NASL Soccer, IWA Wrestling, Championship Boxing, NASCAR and Indy Car Racing, and other major sports.

SPORT Magazine also features a quarterly EMagazine via TVS Magazines.Com and a radio podcast via Spreaker.

TVS Television Network has created a post cable network of 72 'TVS Micro Channels' on the Daily Motion platform, of which SPORT Magazine is one. Classic television from 1947 to 1986 is showcased onthe channels, along with current programs being produced by TVS.

New TVS programming appearing on SPORT Magazine include Bowlarama, Lucha Loco, Pulling For Glory, Hot Pockets (Billiards), Basket Cases (Jai Alai), BlooperToons, Distant Replay, and Wild Wheels.

Since 1960, all TVS programming is free to view and advertising supported. For information about advertising opportunities on the TVS Radio and TV Networks, contact Jerry Wolff, 917 301 0855 or jerrywolff123 ( @ ) gmail dot com dot

SPORT Magazine can be read at SPORT Magazine Television can be watched at SPORT Magazine Radio canbe listened to at TVSRadioNetwork.Com.


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