How Can a Startup Reach Premium News Sites and Build a Strong Public Relations Network in a Few Weeks Using Paid PR Distribution Services


How Can a Startup Reach Premium News Sites and Build a Strong Public Relations Network in a Few Weeks Using Paid PR Distribution Services

A Startup is a term often used for addressing businesses that are new in the industry. Most startups have a tight budget for their marketing due to many reasons such as the resources or sponsors. Every successful business owner has one thing in common, that is being resourceful rather than getting worried about the lack of resources. Press release distribution services can be used for announcing the launch of a product/service, or maybe to share information to the potential investors who are seeking companies to make profitable investments.

Many startups and small business owners are unaware of the massive impact a press release distribution service can have. However, the first and foremost important part is to write a press release to communicate effectively with the audience, while incorporating SEO (Search Engine Friendly) keywords that will increase their search engine reputation.

Almost every press release distribution company is offering PR (Press Release) distribution service without mentioning where the press release will be placed in. is the leading and the only PR Distribution service provider which can guarantee placements in over 200 media outlets.

If you want to make a single distribution, there is an option to choose from any of the three PR Distribution plans that are offered at prices ranged by $69 – $129. Small businesses and startups usually recommend the Premium Pro PR Distribution plan which ensures 100+ media outlet placements, including Premium Networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Apart from placement in the website, every press release gets the inclusion of Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, Bing, and Bing News. Within 72 business hours from the distribution schedule, you will receive a comprehensive distribution report. Here is a Google search result screenshot of a recently distributed press release:

For building the widest and strongest public relations network possible, Startups are recommended to opt-in for a Monthly or Annual Press Release Subscription. These subscription packages can provide up to 50% discounts on the PR Distribution plans based on the preferred plan and the number of PR distributions needed in a month. For an instant price estimation based on your Monthly Subscription preference, click here.

Hundreds of Startups and small businesses are using distribution services for client outreach and, are receiving healthy returns on their investments.  

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