A Global Press Release Distribution Service Provider: The Best SEO Tool for Reaching the First Page of Google


Digital marketing is the best way to gain popularity or a strong public relations network worldwide. Press release distribution is a method of digital marketing which can have an outstanding impact, reaching out to thousands of news sites. Some companies can guarantee to increase search engine visibility well. However, it can be a complicated task to find such a press release distribution service.

PRDistribution.com is a global press release distribution service provider, now leading the industry by offering a wide range of PR distribution services, which can be used to reach the first page of Google. The company was named “The Best SEO Tools of 2017” by the Hook Agency, a reputation that is still being carried out. “How to Get to the Top of Google“, is an article which shares a few steps towards achieving your goal.

To achieve maximum exposure on Google, “How to Dominate Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization)”, is an Ebook containing everything you need to know in order to Boost your SEO ranking in the shortest time. The best part is PRDistribution.com is providing this Ebook for free. Here is the link: https://www.prdistribution.com/how-to-dominate-google-seo/

There are three different PR distribution plans offered by the company in a range of $69-$299, making sure the press release gets placement in 35 to over 200 media outlets. The best-selling Premium Pro PR distribution plan guarantees placement in more than 100 media outlets, including premium networks such as FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and others.

It doesn’t matter which plan you purchase, your press releases will appear on the PRDistribution.com news section, Google, Bing, Yahoo and on each of their news section as well. You will receive a comprehensive PR distribution report within 72 business hours, once it is distributed. Here is a screenshot that of a Google Search Result conducted on a recent PR distributed by PRDistribution.com:

For people who need help in crafting an effective and SEO friendly press release, the PRCopywriter provide with an effective press release within 2-3 business days. The best writing plan the Concierge PRCopywriter offers unlimited revisions and includes Press Release SEO Audit, at a price of $99 only. Moreover, everyone that uses a PRCopywriter + PR distribution bundle plan can get up to $50 discounts on each of their press release submissions.

PRDistribution.com is helping customers with their full-fledged PR distribution packages to ensure maximum visibility at the cheapest price ever.

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