Best Low-Cost Press Release Distribution 2019: Now Offers Guaranteed Placements in Top-Tier News Wires


The press release distribution industry is highly competitive and new PR (press release) distribution companies are emerging every other day, with the growing needs of customers. However, it’s critical as a customer to choose a reliable company that can provide with a guaranteed exposure, at affordable prices.

Best Press Release Distribution Services 2019‘Best for Low-Cost…’ PRDistribution.comPR Distribution ( is a press release distribution company that offers no-frills distribution at inexpensive rates, starting at $69. Not offering targeted media and industry lists keeps their costs lower, but they are still effective at getting coverage for users. PR Distribution is best for startups with very limited marketing budgets that are interested in building brand awareness.”, the leading global press release distribution service provider, was recently nominated as the Best Low-Cost PR Distribution provider by You can submit a press release to having an option to choose from three PR Distribution plans that guarantee placements In 35+ to more than 200 media outlets. Every press release will have permanent placement in the news section, also will enjoy the inclusion of Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo News, Bing, and Bing News.

The mid-range Premium Pro PR Distribution plan offers to place your PR in more than 100 media outlets, including top-tier news wires such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and others. Purchasing this plan only at $129, customers receive a comprehensive distribution report within 72 hours once the press release is live.

Register for a Monthly Press Release Subscription and you will unlock the bulk pricing, where Premium Pro PR Distribution can be purchased at prices as low as $35/each. It’s possible to get discounts up 50% on each PR distribution by registering for Monthly Press Release Subscription. The $500 subscription fee is waived for first-time subscribers. For more information, click here.  

In terms of cost and effectiveness, presents with the best deals. Customers are receiving high ROI (Return on Investment) rates by the virtue of their Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions.

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