Cheap Press Release Distribution Bulk Pricing with the Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions


A Press Release is a piece of writing that appears of different media and news sites containing valuable information for the public and some targeted audience. Regardless the type of a business or organization press release distribution services are being utilized by most of the public and private entities since the past two decades.

Nowadays, countless websites are offering cheap press release distribution services with a guarantee of distribution to over thousands of media sites and journalists. However, in reality, there are a few companies that are able to provide effective press release distribution services. is the leading global press release distribution service that if offering cheap press release distribution plans that have the maximum audience outreach. The Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge PR Distribution plans guarantee placement from 35 to over 200 media outlets, at a price of $69, $129, and $299 respectively for a single pr distribution. Placement in the news section, the inclusion of Google, Yahoo and Bing is offered with all the pr distribution plans.

The Premium Concierge is the most valuable pr distribution plan designed to have a massive outreach and comes with a high probability for a press release to be featured on media sites such as Forbes Magazine, AP and Bloomberg depending on the newsworthiness the topic. Apart from guaranteed placement in over 200 media outlets, this plan provides guaranteed distribution to ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other top-tier newswires, along with the benefits of the other pr distribution plans.

The regular usage of pr distribution services can help to build up the online reputation of a startup and consistently maintain the public relations network for a successful business. Customers have an option to use the Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions and purchase press release distribution plans at bulk pricing, which can save up to 50% on each press release.

The discount can be estimated depending on the desired pr distribution plan and the number of press releases needed in a month or a year. For example, a Monthly Subscription of 4 Premium Pro PR/Month is priced at $464($116 each) and 16 Premium Pro PR/Month costs $1,040($65 each), which amounts to a discount of $1,024 per month.

The pricing calculator from the following link can tell you how much discount you are eligible for and a custom Monthly/Annual Subscription price estimation within a few seconds:

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Cheap Press Release Distribution Bulk Pricing with the Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions


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