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The press release distribution industry is highly competitive. Some companies even offer free distribution, while some charge a fortune. However, a customer looks for a company that can provide the maximum exposure to their press release., a global press release distribution service with over 17 years of digital marketing experience, offers cheap PR distribution plans, at bulk pricing as well. The Premium, Premium Pro and the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plans guarantee placements in 35+ to over 200 media outlets, priced at $69, $129, and $299, respectively.

For the maximum exposure, the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan is highly recommended which is designed for a massive outreach. Purchasing this plan Ensure placements into 200+ media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and other top-tier news wires, spread the PR to the Concierge Perpetual Wire. Hundreds of customers have their PR’s featured at sites like Forbes, Bloomberg, and AP regularly by submitting newsworthy press releases. Every PR will get a website placement, along with inclusions in Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo News, Bing, and Bing News.

Bulk PR Distribution plans can be purchased at discounted prices upto 50%. Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions enable the bulk pricing, based on the preferred PR Distribution plan and the number of distributions needed in a month. The price calculator from the website provides an instant estimation on custom Monthly and Annual PR Distribution Subscription.

Writing an effective press release that communicates with the audience effectively is not like eating a delicious piece of cake. It requires in-depth knowledge about the perception of human beings. Professional copywriters tend to have that capability.

In PR Copywriting service, a team of professional writers offer well-crafted press release drafts, within 2-3 business days turnaround. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Concierge PR Copywriting, offering Press Release SEO Audit and unlimited revisions at only $99. As a token of gratitude, offers up $50 discounts on the PR Copywriting + PR Distribution bundle plans.

Many companies are regularly using these PR writing and Distributions plans regularly. For securing the discount and registering to the Monthly or Annual Subscriptions with having the $500 joining fee waived, click here.

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