Cheap Press Release Distribution Services Help Startups to Expand Client Base With Mass Media Outreach


Every successful business was once a startup. Digital marketing is a friendly tool helping in reaching out to potential clients or investors, often from the startup period, and on a consistent basis. Press release distribution can be the most effective digital marketing tool in expanding the client base.

A press release may consist of an announcement for a new product, service, deal and it is often used to share valuable information which will benefit the target or a mass audience. Although, press releases must be distinguished from lengthy sales articles. The wordings of a press release must effectively convey the message. The inclusion of relevant keywords that has the most volume on search engines, in order to gain SEO rankings.

Over the past few years, there has been an uprising of websites offering cheap press release distribution services to thousands of media networks. However, in reality, only a few companies can guarantee exposure, while others are making vague and unfulfilled promises to your press release viral presents with the most effective and affordable PR distribution plans. Customers can choose from any one of the three PR distribution plans and ensure placement for their press release on 35 to more than 200 media outlets, at pricing ranged between $69 – $129.

The cheapest Premium Pro PR Distribution plan offers guaranteed placements in over 35 media outlets, News section placements in, Google, Yahoo!, Bing News and increased search engine visibility, at only $69.

For a mass media outreach, the most valued Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan is recommended, which makes sure to place a press release in more than 200 media outlets, including top-tier newswires like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and others. Moreover, this plan offers with a golden opportunity, to be able to get featured on sites like Bloomberg, AP, Forbes and the New York Magazine if the press release is newsworthy. Moreover, this plan includes all the features of the Premium and Premium Pro PR distribution as well. Customers receive a comprehensive distribution report within 72 business hours after the distribution.

Startups often have a low budget for their marketing or may be unaware of the benefits of using a press release distribution service.  However, with the help of the PR distribution plans mentioned in the discussion above, it’s possible to utilize the full potential of PR distribution services and expand the client base.

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