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People often wonder how others are being able to have such massive exposures on their press releases using paid PR Distribution services. This is not impossible, in fact, quite easy simply by following a few steps.

Firstly, determine the topic of the press release, it must be something newsworthy; information that is valuable for the mass audience and worth sharing. The crafting should communicate clearly, and an attractive headline grabs the attention of readers. Most importantly, to maximize search engine visibility, you should incorporate the most volume search engine keywords. Here are 5 Golden Rules for Creating a Press Release :

Hiring a professional copywriter is a matter of a few minutes with the PR Copywriting service, that will provide you with a complete draft in a short 2 – 3 business days completion time. You can hire a Concierge PR Copywriter at $99, that comes with Press Release SEO Audit and you can make unlimited revision requests. is the leading PR distribution service provider with over 17 years of digital marketing experience, helping business and organizations to create their mark throughout the internet. You can use any one of the three PR Distribution plans to submit a press release and secure placements in more than two hundred media outlets. Every press release will have a permanent news section placement, with the inclusion of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Google News and Bing News.

For a massive outreach, you can purchase the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan, which guarantees placement in 200+ media outlets including ABC, CBS, FOC, NBC, FOX and other premium news wires. Newsworthy press releases have a high chance of being featured at sites like Noupes, Bloomberg, The Washington Post and Forbes. Hundreds of customers were able to secure placements in these sites by submitting press releases that are newsworthy. Here is a recent one featured in Forbes:

The Press Release Subscribers are saving hundreds of dollar every month by subscribing. A Monthly Press Release Subscription can provide you up to 50% discounts on each plan. New customer can subscribe without paying the $500 subscription fee.
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