E-Commerce Press Release Distribution: PRDistribution.com Offers Guaranteed Placement in 200+ of Media Outlets


Digital marketing is essential to the growth of every E-commerce business. Store owners usually use a combination of digital marketing tools for attracting more traffic and increasing conversion rates. Press release distribution is one of the most effective digital marketing tools, helping to build a strong public relations network.

Thousands of E-commerce store owners are using press release distribution services and boosting up traffic and conversion rates. Some may fail due to mainly two reasons, firstly, a poorly written press release and secondly, making the submission to a distribution service provider that is not capable of providing vast exposure.

For having the maximum exposure, the press release needs to be written in a way that communicates with the audience, while sustaining their attention. Also, a catchy headline and incorporation of most volume search engine keywords boost SEO (Search Engine Reputation) rankings. Even though many companies are offering cheap press release distribution services, only a few can guarantee exposure on a massive scale.

Having over 17 years of digital marketing experience, PRDistribution.com is the leading global press release distribution services provider, helping E-commerce businesses to gain worldwide recognition. A single press release distribution can be made through any of three PR Distribution plans that guarantee placements in 35+ to over 200 media outlets.

E-commerce business owners often recommend the mid-ranged Premium Pro PR Distribution plan which ensures placement in over 100 media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other top-tier media outlets. Like the other two PR Distribution plans, this one also features PRDistribution.com news section placement, the inclusion of Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, Bing, and Bing News. The search engine inclusions help to boost SEO rankings and provide with increased search engine visibility. The Premium Pro PR Distribution plan costs only $129. Here is a Google Search Result screenshot of a recently distributed PR from PRDistribution.com:

It’s nothing unusual not being able to write a press release that matches the writing standard of a professional copywriter. The PR Copywriter service is operated by a team of professional copywriters who can ensure a well-crafted press release written in a 2 – 3 business days turnaround time. The Concierge PR Copywriter plan offers Press Release SEO Audit and unlimited revisions for your press release at only $99. A PR Copywriter + PR Distribution bundle package offers up $50 discount on each press release.

E-commerce store owners are distributing their press release through PRDistribution.com on a regular basis; having increased traffic and conversion rates every week using the Monthly Press Release Subscriptions. Subscribing for a Monthly Subscription can save hundreds of dollars each month. Customers who are registering in the next few weeks for a Monthly or Annual Subscription will not have to pay the $500 joining fee. For an instant price estimation and registering yourself to a Monthly Press Release Subscription Plan, click here.

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