E-commerce Press Release Distribution Services: How to Have a High Volume Traffic and Higher Conversion Rates With PRDistribution.com


E-commerce store owners rely mainly on digital marketing in order to grow their client base and their business in general. They usually try different approaches and work with different marketing strategies to provide them with the best conversion rate.

A press release usually contains valuable information/news about a business, organization or a public figure. The topic can also be a new product or service a business is offering. E-commerce store owners can generate a huge amount of traffic, get high conversions and build up a solid online reputation with the help of a professional pr(press release) distribution service provider.

When writing a press release it is essential,  It is essential to understand the difference between a press release and a sales article. In writing a press release, the use of relevant keywords is highly recommended to excel on the press release niche. Having good knowledge on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) can help writing effective press releases that will boost up search engine ranking. Whether one has SEO expertise or not, they can utilize Google Keyword Planner Tool after reading articles mentioned below:

Get People to Visit and Purchase with an Ecommerce Press Release”, is another helpful article regarding E-commerce published by PRDistribution.com.

There are many companies offering cheap pr distribution services, guaranteeing they have thousands of journalists/media outlets within their grasp. However, in reality, there are only a few companies that can actually provide a satisfactory exposure through their press release distribution services.

PRDistribution.com is the industry-leading press release distribution service provider that has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. The company was named “The Best SEO Tools of 2017” by the Hook Agency, and continues to carry that reputation to this day as well.

There are three pr distribution plans offered by PRDistribution.com ranging between $69-$299. Depending on the selected pr distribution plan, a press release gets guaranteed distribution from 250 to over 400 media outlets including top-tier newswires such as ABC, CBS, FOX, etc. The press release will get a website placement, along with Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion that will help to build a search engine reputation. Customers will receive a comprehensive distribution report within 72 hours of the distribution.

The Concierge PRCopywriting press release writing guarantees a 2-3 day turnaround time after submission of the final draft., unlimited revision and Press Release SEO Audit at only $99.

Monthly/Annual Press Release Subscription packages and the PRCopywriter press release writing service can provide 50% discount on press release distribution service. The exact discounted amount can be estimated from the PRDistibution.com official website.

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Original Story: https://www.prdistribution.com/pr/ecommerce-press-release-distribution-services-how-to-have-a-high-volume-traffic-and-higher-conversion-rates-with-prdistributioncom

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Original Story: https://www.prdistribution.com/pr/ecommerce-press-release-distribution-services-how-to-have-a-high-volume-traffic-and-higher-conversion-rates-with-prdistributioncom


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