From Press Release Distribution to Publication: Offers Placement in Premium News Sites and Hundreds of Media Outlets

SHARE is a global press release distribution, having over 17 years of management experience. The Hook Agency named this company “The Best SEO Tools of 2017”, and they are living up to this reputation with consistency. With the largest distribution network in the industry, distributes press releases to the targeted and also provide with a mass audience outreach.

After the most recent change in the PR(press release) distribution plans, there has been a floodgate of PR submissions. The reason is, prior to the change, used to offer distribution plans like other companies in the industry. While competitors are offering distribution services, the new PR distribution plans share where a press release appears, and the minimum number of placements it will have.

With the Premium, Premium Pro, and Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan, a press release gets guaranteed placements in 35 to over 200 media outlets, depending on which plan the customer is interested in. These three plans are offered at $69, $129, and $299, respectively.

The best-selling PR Distribution plan is the Premium Pro plan, which ensures the placement of a press release into more than 100 media outlets, including premium networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. The inclusion of Google News, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo News, Bing and Bing News offered with every PR Distribution plans for increased search engine visibility. Moreover, every press release distributed by gets permanent placement on their website. The comprehensive distribution report is emailed to the customer within 72 business hours of the distribution schedule.

The White Label Press Release service is a unique plan offering customized branding with the PR distribution plans. With the Private Label Press Release, a customer can have the option to their own branding within the PR. Also, the Unbranded Press Release will distribute the PR without the branding of

For detailed information of this service, visit the following link:

The PRCopywriter is the perfect solution to have your press release written by professional Copywriters; offering well-written press release within a short 2 – 3 business days completion period. The Concierge PRCopywriting, at only $99 guarantees to craft an effective press release. This includes the Press Release SEO Audit and offers unlimited revisions. On top of that, as a desert,  you can save up $50 by purchasing a PRCopywriting + PR Distribution bundle package.  

Over hundreds of customers had their press releases featured on sites like Bloomberg, AP, Forbes, The Washington Post, and New York Magazine. Pointers on how to get featured by these premium news sites and live examples can be found on the Case Studies page.  In order to visit the page, click here.

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