Getting your Press Release Published on Pop Sugar, Complex, Lexology and Similar Networks is Easier: Now Guarantees Placements


There was a time when publishing a press release used to cost a fortune, even now many PR Distribution service providers are charging a lot in exchange for their services. Since the globalization of digital marketing, business and organizations are being able to reach thousands of audiences in a matter of hours with press release distribution services.

In order to generate a buzz throughout the internet with your press release, the first step is to write the PR that clearly communicates with the audience, while focusing on its newsworthiness. The incorporation of relevant most volume search engine keyword is important for maximizing search engine visibility., the leading global press release distribution service provider had recently shared a checklist on long-form content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help businesses with their content marketing strategy in 2019:

Customers have the option to choose from any three PR Distribution plans that now guarantees placements into hundreds of media outlets. All the PR Distribution plans come with permanent placement in the website, moreover, offers inclusion of Google, Google News, Bing, Bing News and Yahoo.

Press Releases Distributed through are being featured on sites like Pop Sugar, Complex, Lexology and Forbes. Most of these PR’s get distributed using the Premium Concierge PR Distribution Plan, which guarantees placement into 200+ media outlets including top-tier new wires like FOX, NBC, CBS and many more. A comprehensive distribution report is emailed to the customers within a few days from the distribution schedule.

Here are some recent customer PR’s featured in Complex and Lexology:

Agencies and business owners often want to include personal branding on their press release. It’s only possible with the White Label Press Release distribution services. Using the Private Label option, you can include your own branding, and the Unbranded Press Releases enable your press release to be distributed without the branding attached to it. For more information on this service, click here.

Join in for a Monthly Press Release Subscription and purchase PR Distribution Plans at unbelievable discounted prices. Secure your discounted subscription and get more information from the following link:

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