Global Press Release Distribution Service Provider Offers the Cheapest Annual PR Subscriptions


Since the globalization of digital marketing, business and organizations worldwide are utilizing the benefits of the press release distribution services. A press release often contains an announcement of a new start-up, product, service, deal or important information for the mass audience to read.

There are numerous companies that could deliver but there are also some who even pretend to have thousands of journalists and media outlets in their distribution network. However, as a customer who is seeking exposure, the most important fact is to know where the press release is going to be distributed and who might pick up/publish it. The press release distribution industry does have companies who are able to provide what the customer is looking for, but their pricing might be a bit expensive for regular usage. is an industry-leading global press release distribution service provider with a reputation for maintaining 100% customer satisfaction rate. Apart from the pr(press distribution), the company helps the customers with press release writing as well. The distribution section has three plans namely the Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge pr distribution pricing at $69, $129, and $299 respectively.

The cheapest Premium pr distribution plan guarantees distribution to over 250 media outlets, and over 400 media outlet distribution is ensured with the Premium Concierge including top-tier newswires like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and many others. All Distribution plans provide a news section placement, Google, Yahoo and Bing Inclusion which is quite effective in terms of increasing search engine visibility.

For customers who need exposure through press release distribution on a regular basis, the Annual and Monthly Subscription can provide up to 50% discount on each press release. The discounted bulk pricing is interlinked with the pr distribution plan and the number of press releases in a month or year. For example, 24x Premium PR Distribution Yearly Costs $1,536($64 each) and 16x Premium PR Distribution Monthly subscription is priced at $560($35 each).

Based on nature of outreach and visibility a customer seeks, it’s easy to choose the best deal from these cost-efficient plans and build a strong public relations network through the Monthly and Yearly Press Release Distribution service.

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