Global Press Release Distribution Service Providers, Easy Newswire and PRWeb Pricing Comparison 2019


Many business and organizations rely on press release distribution service to build up their public relations network. Press releases are mostly used as an announcement of a new startup, service, offer or current affairs containing valuable information that may benefit the mass audience as well as their targeted audience.

In 2019, there are countless companies who are offering press release distribution service and also scammers with fancy looking websites. There are only a few companies that are reliable and able to provide the exposure a customer may desire.

Easy Newswire is a pr(press release) distribution company that has a simple and easy going website that is easy to navigate. The company is serving customers since 2016. The company offers cost-efficient pr distribution plans. Pricing for Standard, Premium and Premium Pro pr distribution plan is $49, $129 and $499. All of these plans offer Easy Newswire Placement, Social media exposure, Google, Yahoo,and Bing search results optimization, and distribution to broadcasts stations including local media sites etc. Also, a distribution report is sent to the customer after the pr distribution is done. Premium networks like ABC, CBS and NBC are also within their distribution list. is the industry-leading global press release distribution industry that also helps customers with their press release writing needs. For single pr distribution, there is the Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge plan priced at $69, $129, and $299 respectively. These plans guarantee distribution from 250 to over 400 media outlets, a News section placement, with visibility exposures to Google, Yahoo and Bing. The Premium Pro and Premium Concierge pr distribution plan guarantees distribution to top-tier newswires like ABC, CBS, FOX, Bloomberg and many more. A comprehensive reporting is emailed to the customers within 72 business hours of the press release distribution.

PRCopywriter offers effective press release writing that is crafted using industry-specific keywords within a short 2-3 business days turnaround. The Concierge PRCopywriting offers  Press Release SEO Audit and customers can request for unlimited revisions. Moreover, up to  $50 can be discounted on each PRCopywriter+PR Distribution bundle plans.
PRWeb, a company owned by Cision, is a competitor of PRWeb that is in the business for over a decade. Their single pr distribution plans cost $99-$499, depending on which one of the four pr distribution plan a customer is interested in. Their most valued Premium PRWeb distribution promises to make a press release “go viral”, however, there was no information about their media distribution network found on their website.

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