How Paid PR Distribution Services can Publish a Press Release with Personalized Branding


Everyone from this generation is aware about the importance of digital marketing, although not all of them can utilize this magical tool for success in a proper manner. Press release distribution is the most effective digital marketing tool for expanding client-base and building a strong online reputation. While there are many companies offering cheap PR (press release) distribution services, not everyone can fulfil their promises. Customers are often left with a negative mindset about PR Distribution service providers.

Business owners and agencies sometimes want to make their press release live using their own customized branding or logo, also non-branded. Only a few companies are able to provide with PR Distribution services with reasonable placement ratio. Finding a company offering this feature can be quite hard. However, fortunately, presents with the perfect solution, White Label Press Releases. is the leader of the press release distribution industry having over 17 years of digital marketing experience. Three simple PR Distribution plans are offered within a price range of $69 – $299, ensuring 35 to more than 200 media outlets. The mid-range Premium Pro PR distribution that costs $129, provides with placement in more than 100 media sites, including CX, ABC, CBS, ABC and Fox. A press release gets News placement, along with exposures on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Private Label and Unbranded Press Release are the modes of White Label Press Release. Private Label makes sure you get the benefit of incorporating your own branding when the press release goes live. With the Unbranded Press Release, PR distribution is made without any branding. These two unique features make the appearance of press releases more stable, focusing only on the brand of the customer.

What’s more interesting is that Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions can reduce the price for each PR up to 50%, based on your preferred PR Distribution plan and the number of PR’s you need to push live.

In order to make your life easier, the PR Copywriter brings PR writing services where you can have a nicely-crafted press release written by a professional copywriter in a 2 – 3 business days turnaround. The best writing plan offered at $99 is the Concierge PR Copywriting, featuring Press Release SEO Audit and unlimited revisions for a press release.

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